Why is My Electric Bike Not Working

Why is My Electric Bike Not Working: A Definitive Guide

Electric bikes are amazing machines that can make your rides easier, faster, and more fun. But they are more complex than regular bikes because of their extra electrical parts.

What if your e-bike suddenly stops working or behaves strangely? You might be wondering, ‘Why is my electric bike not working?’ However, you can’t just replace a flat tire and expect everything to work fine.

That’s why you need some advice on how to solve electric bike issues. Don’t panic, there might be a simple fix for your problem. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the most frequent e-bike problems you may face and how to troubleshoot them. Whether it’s a battery, throttle, controller, or pedal assist (PAS), we will help you get your e-bike back on track.

Why is My Electric Bike Controller Not Working?

The controller is the heart of your electric bike. It links all the electrical parts, such as the motor, throttle, pedal assist, battery, sensors, and LCD (if your e-bike has one). 

Your bike’s controller acts like a mini computer and controls how your e-bike works. If it is not working, your e-bike is not working either.

The controller can have different problems, such as bad wiring, loose connections, faulty on/off switch, or broken fuse or circuit breaker.

Don’t panic if you face any of these issues. They are usually easy to fix in a few minutes. You can try turning your e-bike off and on again, just like you would do with a glitchy iPhone. 

If that doesn’t help, we have some more e-bike troubleshooting tips for you below.

How to Check Your Electric Bike Controller?

Follow these steps to find out if the controller is the problem:

  • Make sure the power switch is on. If it’s off, turn it on.
  • Look for any wires that are not connected properly, disconnected, or loose. You can fix them yourself. Most e-bike wires have the same color as the port or outlet they go to (for example, blue wire to blue port).
  • If the controller has a circuit breaker, push it to reset it. The circuit breaker is there to save the system, so if it keeps turning off, you might need to change the whole system.
  • If the e-bike has a fuse, take it out and look at it in the light. You can tell if it’s burned out. If it is, you have to get a new one.
  • It is rare for a new electric bike to have a broken feature, like the fuse or a system failure. These problems usually happen after you have used your e-bike for a long time.

But if your new e-bike has a broken feature, you should get help from a professional.

Why is My Electric Bike Throttle Not Working?

A pedal assist system (PAS) and a throttle assist are features of some e-bikes. The throttle assist lets the motor move the bike without pedaling.

The throttle is the part that controls this feature. The throttle assist won’t work if the throttle is faulty.

Most new e-bike models have both a PAS and a throttle. You don’t need to worry about extra work or maintenance for having both.

However, having both can also make it harder to find the problem when something goes wrong. Both the PAS and the throttle can cause issues, so you need to check both to see which one is not working properly.

The throttle usually breaks down because of too much use. The throttle can get stuck and not go back to its original position if you press it for too long. 

This can make the throttle loose or broken over time. You might see that the throttle assist stops working while you are riding.

How to Check Your Electric Bike Throttle?

The throttle on your e-bike lets you use the motor without pedaling. It can help you go faster or easier. But sometimes the throttle can get stuck or not work well. This can make your ride less fun and safe.

 Here are some steps to fix your e-bike throttle:

  • Look at where the throttle is near the handlebars. A bad throttle will usually stay in the back and not go back to the front.
  • Try to move the throttle back to the front by yourself. Then, test the throttle by pushing it back and see how fast it goes back to the front. It should be quick and smooth.
  • If the throttle is slow or does not go back, you will need to get a new one.
  • You should only get a new throttle if you have used it a lot and it is worn out. Getting a new throttle is not very hard or costly. You can find a new throttle online or at a bike shop.

Why is My Electric Bike Pedal Assist Not Working?

The pedal assist system (PAS) on your electric bike gives you extra power when you pedal. Different e-bikes have different levels of pedal assist, which means different levels of help.

For example, some e-bikes have four levels of pedal assist while others have five or seven levels of pedal assist. You have a normal bike if the pedal assist system does not work.

We like normal bikes, but we picked an electric bike for a reason. We like the extra things and perks e-bikes give us! Luckily, there are simple solutions for PAS problems, too.

The PAS might not work well because of power problems or uneven power. The type of system can affect this, too. 

Problems with the bike’s pedal, sprockets, chain paddles, or wheels can cause the power to go on and off. A problem with the magnet ring and sensor on the front sprocket can also do this.

How to Check Your Electric Bike Pedal Assist System?

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your pedal assist system issues:

  • Inspect the bike for any loose or disconnected parts, especially if you have recently modified the bike’s mechanical parts, such as the sprockets or chain paddles.
  • Check the magnet ring on the front sprocket of the bike. It should align with the sensor.
  • If the magnet ring is misaligned or dirty, you may need to fix it. Use a flathead screwdriver to gently move the magnet closer to the sensor.
  • If these steps do not solve the problem, seek professional assistance from a bike shop. They can diagnose, remove, and replace any faulty parts.

Why is My Electric Bike Battery Not Charging?

If the electric bike controller is comparable to the vehicle’s brain, you could say the battery is like the e-bike’s heart. It keeps the bike’s motor going, allowing the PAS and throttle assist to work. 

If the battery is not charging, you won’t be able to use your bike’s full functionality. It may not start or keep powering off.

The e-bike battery can fail to charge for various reasons. A fuse might be blown, the battery might be depleted from too-frequent charging, or the battery pack may simply be old or defective. 

Another possibility is that the battery’s pins are not properly placed. They serve as the connector to the charging port. So the electric circuit is not completed when the battery’s plugged in — meaning it doesn’t charge.

How to Check Your Electric Bike Battery?

Follow these steps to fix any problems with your e-bike electric battery management system:

  • First, make sure the battery charger is working. Plug it into the wall and look for any indicator lights. If the light doesn’t come on, the charger might be broken. 
  • If the charger is fine, the problem could be the charger port. To test this, unplug the charger and put the battery in the charger port. Look for the indicator light. If it doesn’t come on, the charger port’s wiring might be damaged and need to be replaced. 
  • Then, measure the battery’s voltage. If the e-bike’s LED lights and control panel don’t turn on, the battery might be dead. You can use a voltmeter to measure the battery’s voltage. We will explain how to do that below. 
  • If the battery works but stops during use, it might be overworked (which can also make it too hot). You can prevent this by pedaling more while riding or using less pedal assist. Overworked batteries can also be caused by a poor-quality battery or an old battery (a good battery should last for three to five years). If the e-bike battery keeps getting overworked even when you use less PAS, you might need a new battery. 
  • Check the battery’s pins. These connect the battery to the charger and allow the battery to get power. If the pins are not aligned, the connection is not complete and the battery won’t charge. You can check if the pins are aligned and adjust them with a wrench. 
  • It is also a good idea to have a spare battery pack ready. Sometimes, we forget to charge our batteries before a long ride. Other times, our batteries just don’t work. 

While we can solve our battery problems later, having a spare battery charged and available means you can ride now and deal with the rest later.

Why Are My Electric Bike Brakes Not Working?

To cycle safely, you need good electric bike brakes that can stop you when needed.

Different e-bike brake systems have different features. The causes of e-bike brake problems can depend on the type of brake system, so you should know what kind of brakes you have.

No matter what brake system you have, electric bike brakes can lose their quality over time. Things like dirt, debris, and bad brake alignment can make it worse. 

If the brake pads or rotors are worn out or damaged, braking may not be as effective or smooth.

How to Check Your Electric Bike Brakes?

Follow these steps to fix your electric bike brakes:

  • If the brakes don’t work, look at the brake discs for dirt or mud. Clean them and see if it helps. 
  • Check the brake pads and rotors for damage, like scratches and cracks. You might need new ones. 
  • Look at the brake lever or cable adjuster on the e-bike. If it’s not tight, you might need to tighten it to make the brake better. 
  • Another problem could be the brake motor inhibitor. If the bike has been hit or dropped, the motor inhibitor switch might be on. See if the brake levers are stuck and try to move them. If you can’t, you might need new ones. 

If you don’t know what the problem is, go to a bike mechanic. They can tell you if you need to change parts or the whole brake system.

Tips For Checking Electric Bike Functionality

Your electric bike will last longer and work better if you know how to take care of it.

Use these steps to check your e-bike functionality:

How to Check Your Electric Bike Battery Voltage?

The power of your electric bike depends on the battery voltage. If the battery is not at its full voltage, it might be old and need a new one — or, if your e-bike is new, the battery might be bad.

You should find out if the battery is bad as soon as possible while your bike has a warranty.

You can use a voltmeter or multimeter to measure the battery voltage. Connect the device to the battery, matching the positive and negative sides.

Or, you can attach the voltmeter to the battery’s charger connector.

The voltmeter will tell you if the battery loses power too quickly. If it does, check when the battery was last charged.

If the battery pack was charged less than six months ago, it might need more charge. If the battery pack was not charged for more than six months, it might be bad.

How to Test Your Electric Bike Battery Charger?

Sometimes the problem is not the battery, but the charger. You can easily check this without any tools. Just connect the charger to a power outlet. The indicator light should be on and steady.

But if there is a problem, the light may be off or flickering. This means the charger is not getting enough power from the outlet.

You can confirm this with a voltmeter. The voltmeter should show a slightly higher reading than the charger’s voltage. If the charger’s reading is too low, you have to get a new one.

How to Diagnose Your Electric Bike Wiring Issues?

Your electric bike has wiring systems that connect the controller, motor, and battery. These wires carry power between these important parts, so they need to be in good condition. If they are loose, broken, unplugged, or faulty, your e-bike may have problems.

Look at your e-bike user manual to find and check the wiring systems. For instance, the controller (the bike’s “brain”) is one part that has wires.

Make sure the wires are not loose or in the wrong place. The wires have different colors to match the ports: A blue wire goes to a blue port, a red wire goes to a red port, and so on.

Sometimes, the wires may be loose. Other times, they may be damaged. You can use a voltage tester to see if a wire is working. Move it along the wire to find where the voltage is low — that means the wire is damaged.

If there is something wrong with the wire, you may need to change it. This is better done by a professional repair shop. They know what parts to use and how to install them correctly.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why your electric bike may not work properly. Some of the common issues are related to the battery, the controller, the throttle, the brakes, or the PAS. 

To troubleshoot these problems, you can follow the steps we have outlined in this blog post. You can also consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for more assistance. 

Remember, regular maintenance and proper care can extend the lifespan and performance of your electric bike. We hope this guide has helped you understand and fix some of the common electric bike problems. Happy riding!