Why Does My Electric Bike Keep Cutting Out

Why Does My Electric Bike Keep Cutting Out: 8 Reasons

Electric bikes are a great way to enjoy cycling without getting too tired or sweaty. They use a battery-powered motor to assist you when you pedal, making it easier to climb hills, ride longer distances, and have more fun. 

A common and frustrating problem that some electric bike owners complain about is why their electric bikes keep cutting out. It happens for various reasons such as low battery, faulty wiring, overheating, or sensor issues. 

An electric bike that keeps cutting out can be dangerous, annoying, and disappointing, especially if you rely on your bike for commuting or leisure.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the common reasons why electric bikes cut out, and how to fix them. We will also share some tips on how to prevent this problem from happening in the first place.

What is the Meaning of Electric Bike Cut Out?

Before we begin, let’s understand what an electric bike cut out means. It is quite straightforward. It is when you are riding the bike and the power stops. 

That means the motor stops helping you and you have to pedal by yourself. It could result in:

  • The throttle not working 
  • The auto assist/pedal assist not functioning 
  • No electrical power 
  • Battery shutting off 
  • Heads up display going blank 

In most situations, it simply implies that the battery and the electric bike components stop providing any electrical power – usually abruptly when you are on your bike. 

Now, let’s explore the reasons why your electric bike might be cutting out.

Your Electric Bike Battery is Wearing Out

The performance of electric bike batteries declines over time, as they have a limited number of times they can be recharged. When you reach the end of the battery’s charge cycle capacity, you will notice a drop in its duration.

Other factors can also damage your electric bike battery and shorten its range, such as exposing it to very high or low temperatures. This will affect the battery cells and make you recharge your battery more often.

To find out if your battery requires a replacement, you should consult a professional who can check its condition. This will help you decide if you need to purchase a new electric bike battery.

Low Battery Level

The battery cells of electric bikes must have enough electricity for them to function well. So, if your electric bike stops working, the first thing to do is to check the battery charge level.

You should also make sure that your electric bike has enough power to finish your trip before you leave. If you often find yourself running low on battery during your rides, you may have to change how you ride, or get a bigger battery for more distance. 

Another option is to get an extra battery and put it in a backpack. You can swap this backup battery for the empty one, and ride longer.

Damaged Or Loose Wiring

The wiring can also get loose or damaged by vibrations, rough terrain, or lack of care. This will make your electric bike stop working. 

To avoid this, you should check your electric bike’s wiring often. If you notice any worn or exposed wires, you need to fix or replace them.

Dirty Or Loose Connections

Loose connections are a common cause of electric bike cutouts. They can disrupt the power flow to the motor when you ride on rough terrain. 

To fix this, make sure all the connections are tight and secure. If not, you can either adjust them yourself or take your bike to an electric bike expert.

Dirt, water or corrosion can also affect the connections between the battery and the bike. This is more likely on electric mountain bikes. 

You should check the connections for any signs of contamination and use a terminal cleaner to remove it.

Another thing to look out for is the battery position. If it is not mounted properly, it can shake and disconnect from the bike. This can happen when you swap or move the battery, or when you get a new one.

A Malfunctioning Motor Controller

A common cause of electric bike power problems is a bad motor controller. This can make the power stop suddenly, but you can solve this by getting a new controller. 

You should let a professional electric bike mechanic do this for you, so you don’t lose your electric bike’s warranty. They might also install a better controller for you, which can improve your riding experience.

An Overheating Motor 

Long and hard rides can stress out your electric bike motor and make it too hot. 

To keep your motor safe from the heat, most electric bikes will stop the power when the motor gets too hot. This will also protect the motor and the wires inside it from getting damaged.

So, you should not ride on very high power for a long time, especially on very steep hills. If you have to do this, let your motor rest and cool down often. 

If this happens a lot, you might want to get a new electric bike motor that can handle the heat better.

System Breakdowns and Software Issues 

Software issues or errors can cause electric bikes to stop working unexpectedly. This can be annoying, but you can avoid them by making sure that your electric bike’s software or firmware is current.

Most electric bike manufacturers provide updates regularly to resolve issues and improve the performance of the electric bikes.

However, if you encounter difficulties updating your electric bike, we advise you to reach out to the manufacturer or consult an expert electric bike mechanic.

A Defective Pedal Sensor or Throttle 

A bad throttle or pedal sensor can mess up the signals to the motor. This can make the motor stop working when you don’t want it to.

You should check the throttle or pedal sensor and get a new one if it has problems. You have to install the new sensor right, so it can talk to the motor properly. If you don’t know how to do this, it’s better to ask an expert.


It can be very annoying when your electric bike stops working suddenly. But you have the right information to know the common reasons and possible fixes. 

These are the most frequent issues we hear from electric bike owners. Most of the time, these issues can be prevented with regular care, checks, and maintenance.

However, if your electric bike continues to cut out or you have trouble finding the cause, it is best to bring it to a reliable bike shop with an electric bike expert.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your e-bike without worrying about power cutouts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Electric Bike Keep Cutting Out?

Electric bike cutouts can be caused by various factors, such as battery issues, motor or controller problems, overheating, damaged or loose wiring or connections, faulty throttle or pedal assist systems. 

To troubleshoot and fix these issues, you need to check and test the components and connections of your e-bike, and look for any error codes on the control panel. 

How Do I Know If My Electric Bike Battery Is Bad?

To check if your e-bike battery is faulty, you need to measure its charge level with a multimeter.

Attach the multimeter probes to the battery terminals and observe the reading. The reading should match the battery’s voltage rating, such as 36V or 48V. Read more about the lifespan of electric bike batteries

How Long Do Electric Bikes Last?

The performance of most electric bikes declines after 3-5 years, as the battery loses its ability to hold charge and the motor wears out – unless you take care of it.

However, with regular maintenance you can prolong your battery’s lifespan to over 10,000 miles before it needs a replacement. Read more

Do Electric Bikes Charge When You Pedal?

Electric bikes do not charge when you pedal, and there are good reasons for that. Trying to recharge the battery while riding would be inefficient, costly, and impractical. It would also affect the riding experience and performance of the e-bike. Read more

How Can I Prevent My Electric Bike From Cutting Out While Riding Uphill?

Make sure your electric bike has a quality battery with enough charge before you ride uphill. Choose the right gears and pedal smoothly to reduce the stress on the motor. 

Maintain the sensors, brake motor inhibitor wires, and other electrical components to ensure a steady power supply and avoid cut-outs.

Can You Ride an Electric Bike Without Battery?

Yes, you can ride an electric bike without a battery. However, it will be harder to pedal because of the extra weight of the electric components. 

Electric bikes are designed to work with batteries, but they can still function as normal bikes without them. Read more