How to Start Electric Bike Without Key

How to Start Electric Bike Without Key: 8 Simple Tips

Electric bikes are a great way to get around, but what if you lose your key or forget it at home? Do you know how to start electric bike without key? You might think that you are stuck with a heavy and useless bike.

Don’t worry! There are different ways to start an electric bike without a key. In this blog post, we will show you how to do it with some simple tools and tricks. 

Whether you have a hub motor, a mid-drive motor, or a removable battery, we have got you covered. Read on to find out how to start an electric bike without a key and enjoy your ride!

Do Electric Bikes Need Keys?

You might think that the keys for an electric bike are like the ones for a motorbike. That they turn on the bike and make it go. But that’s not how it works. 

The keys for an e-bike are there to lock the battery in place. And that brings us to the big question: do e-bikes really need keys? Well, yes, but not in the way you might expect.

Without the keys, you cannot lock the battery of the e-bike. And without a locked battery, the electric bike’s motor won’t get any power. So you can’t start up your e-bike without the key.

However, you can pedal and move the bike manually without the keys. But you won’t get any boost from the battery to the motor unless you plug in the key and turn it on.

Most e-bikes come with two keys that look exactly alike. One is for everyday use and the other is a backup.

Don’t try to use your e-bike key on someone else’s e-bike because it won’t work. Each electric bike has a unique key that only fits its own battery. This is a smart and simple way to keep your electric bike safe and secure.

What You Should Do If You Lose Your Keys

Don’t panic if you lose your keys. It happens to the best of us, and it’s not a disaster. You have a few options to get back on your electric bike.

First, think about where you put your backup key. You get two keys when you buy your e-bike. One of them should be somewhere safe in your house.

If you can’t find your spare key, you can contact the bike manufacturer and order a new set. This will cost you some cash, and maybe some extra for shipping, depending on where they are based.

You will need a special key card to order the new key. The key card comes with the electric bike, so make sure you don’t lose it.

While you wait for your new key, you may look for your lost one. Check your home and workplace, check your laundry for any keys hiding in your pockets, check your bags and backpacks, and ask your friends and family if they saw your keys anywhere. You might be surprised where they turn up.

8 Ways to Start an E-Bike Without a Key

If you have searched everywhere, and you cannot find your keys then don’t worry. You still have different ways to start your electric bike while you wait for new keys.

The key’s main job is to lock the battery and let the power flow from the battery to the motor. Without a key, you can still make the power flow by yourself.

But be careful. Starting an electric bike without a key is not very hard, but it’s not very safe either. You could damage your bike, your motor, or your battery.

So, only do this if you have no other choice. Here are eight ways to start your e-bike without a key. Read them and see which one works best for you. You can also try more than one and see what you like.

Connect the Wires

You can also start your electric bike by connecting wires. It is not like a car or a motorcycle, where you need a key to ignite. 

The key just closes the circuit and lets the power go from the battery to the motor. You can do that yourself by connecting the right wires.

You need to find the wires that go to the key-lock system. They are probably under it.

Then you need to cut them and connect them. When they are connected, the circuit is closed, and your e-bike is ready to go.

But be careful because this method is risky. You could get an electric shock from the wires. Wear rubber gloves to protect yourself.

Remove the Battery

You can ride your electric bike without the electric assist. It is easier than you think. All you need to do is remove the battery.

The battery powers the motor that helps you pedal faster and easier. When you take it out, you are left with a normal bike that moves only by your own effort.

Just disconnect the battery from the e-bike and store it safely. Then, hop on and pedal away. You will enjoy a more natural and challenging ride, without any need for electricity.

Apply a Shim

You can make a simple tool to start your electric bike with a drink can. That simple tool is a shim. 

Just cut off the top and bottom of the can and slice it into a metal sheet. Then, cut out an ‘M’ shape from the sheet and fold it in half. That’s your shim.

A shim is a thin wedge that fits into the lock and moves the pins inside. It’s like a skeleton key that works on any lock.

To use the shim, slide it into the lock and wiggle it around until you hear a click. That means you have unlocked the bike. Now you can ride away.

Use a Screwdriver

You might be surprised to learn that you can start your bike with a screwdriver if you ever lose your key. 

Just grab a toolbox and look for a small flat-headed screwdriver that resembles your key. Then, insert it into the key-lock system and gently twist it until the bike starts.

But don’t get too excited. This trick only works with older locks, not the new electric ones. And be careful not to damage the lock by applying too much force. Otherwise, you will end up with a broken bike and a hefty repair bill.

Use a Bump Key

Did you know that there is a special key that can unlock almost any lock? It’s called a bump key, and it might be your best bet if you have lost your e-bike key. 

All you need to do is find a bump key, insert it into the lock, and give it a gentle tap. And your bike is ready to go.

But don’t get your hopes up too high. Bump keys are not easy to come by, and chances are you don’t have one lying around. And even if you do, it might not work on your e-bike. 

That’s because most electric bikes have unique keys that only fit their locks. So, a bump key might be a long shot.

Use a Plastic Pen

Another way to start your e-bike without a key involves using a plastic pen, and it’s not for the faint of heart. You should only try this if you have no other options.

Keep in mind this method only works on old-fashioned tubular locks, not the modern ones. And it can damage your lock beyond repair. Here’s how it works:

You need to find a plastic pen and take it apart. You only need the plastic cylinder, not the ink or the nib. Then, you need to heat up the plastic over a fire until it becomes soft and bendy. 

Be careful not to burn yourself or melt the plastic completely. Next, you need to insert the plastic into the keyhole and wait for it to cool down and harden. Finally, you need to twist the plastic and hope that it turns the lock and starts the bike.

This method is risky and unreliable. The plastic might get stuck in the lock and make it impossible to remove. You might injure yourself with the fire or the melted plastic. 

You might ruin your lock and your bike. So, think twice before you try this.

Ride the Bike Manually If All Else Fails 

Losing your keys doesn’t mean you are stuck with your electric bike. You can always pedal your way back home, just like a regular bike.

Most e-bikes let you choose between using the motor or your own leg power. This is handy if your battery runs out and you have no way to charge it.

All you have to do is disconnect or remove the battery. Then, your electric bike becomes a manual bike, and you can ride it as usual. You can find your spare keys when you get home.

Wait and Order a New Key

You don’t have to panic if you lose your electric bike key. You can always get a new one later, if you have another way to transport your bike. 

E-bikes usually come with two keys, so you might have a spare one at home. You can take your bike there by car or other means, and avoid damaging it by trying other methods.

If you don’t have any spare keys, you can order new ones from the manufacturer. They will check your serial number to make sure you own the bike before sending you a replacement.

You can also visit a local bike store and ask for help. They might be able to make a copy of your key or find the right one for your bike. Just bring your receipt and other documents to prove that you own the bike.

Another option is to hire a locksmith. They can make a new key for your e-bike, just like they do for your house. But they will also ask for proof of ownership, so be prepared.

How to Avoid Having to Start Your Electric Bike Without a Key

Here are some tips that you can follow to avoid the need to start your e-bike without a key. By following these tips, you can ensure that you always have access to your e-bike key and avoid the need to start your e-bike without it.

Proper Storage

It is important to keep your e-bike key in a safe and secure place. If you have a detachable battery, then you should keep it in the key switch of the battery once removed from the bike. 

You should also store the battery in a cool place because there will be no electrical power if the battery is not attached.

Removing the battery with its key can also help you make your electric bike theft-proof. This is because thieves are less likely to get away quickly without electric power, which can make them more vulnerable to being caught.

Assign Your Serial Number to a Tracking App

Tracking your electric bike by GPS or through other means can be incredibly helpful in locating it, no matter where it ends up. If you are using a tracking app, try to use one that works best with the type of phone you have.

In addition to tracking, here are some additional steps you can take to avoid having to use one of the methods on this list:

  • Make sure that any spare key or replacement keys are kept somewhere safe away from the electric bike, where it can be found quickly in an emergency. Leaving them attached to the lock itself with an electric bicycle is never wise.
  • Register and track your bike’s serial number. Registering your electric bike’s serial number allows you to get the police involved if it’s ever stolen.

Observe Safety Guidelines When Riding

You don’t want to end up stranded with a dead e-bike and no keys. That’s why you need to follow some simple safety tips and have a backup plan.

First, make sure you ride your electric bike safely. That means:

  • Choosing well-lit places to park.
  • Avoiding late-night rides if possible.
  • Obeying the traffic rules.
  • Carrying a cell phone with you in case of trouble.
  • Being alert to your surroundings.

Second, let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. Better yet, share your location with them so they can track your progress. This way, they can help you out if you get stuck.

Third, always have a spare set of keys with you. But don’t keep them in the same place as your main key. For example, put one on your body and one in your bag. This way, you will have a backup if you lose or break your key.

How to Avoid Losing an Electric Bike Key?

Losing your electric bike key can be a frustrating and costly experience. You might have to call a locksmith, replace the lock, or even buy a new e-bike. That’s why you should take some precautions to prevent this from happening.

Here are some tips to avoid losing your electric bike key: 

Make a Third Copy

When I got my electric bike, it came with two keys. I didn’t want to risk losing them, so I did something smart. I used the key code to make a third key and kept it in a safe place at home.

This turned out to be a great idea. It saved me from trouble when I needed an extra key. It also allowed me to share my e-bike with my family members when I was away.

Always Keep Your E-bike Key Attached to Your Keychain

Your electric bike key is tiny and easy to lose. That’s why you should keep it with your keychain. As you always have your keychain with you, make sure your e-bike key is on it too.

If you don’t like that idea, you can put your key in your wallet. But don’t forget where you put it.

Always Keep a Copy of Your E-Bike Data

There is one important thing you need to do when you buy an electric bike: document your bike’s details. Why? Because having a record of your bike’s information can save you a lot of hassle in the future. 

Whether you need to make a spare key, get some repairs done, or sell your bike to someone else, you will be glad you have all the data handy.

So, what details should you document? Here are the main ones:

  • The serial number or service tag. This is a unique identifier for your bike that can help you track its warranty, service history, and ownership.
  • The key code. This is a code that matches your bike’s key to its lock. If you lose your key or need a backup, you will need this code to get a replacement.
  • The photos. Take some clear pictures of your bike from different angles, and make sure to capture the serial number or service tag and the key code in the images.

Once you have all these details, email them to yourself so you have a digital copy that you can access anytime. You can also print them out and keep them in a safe place.

Give a Key Copy to Your Close Friend or Relative

A smart way to protect your electric bike is to have a backup key and entrust it to someone you can rely on.

You never know when you might lose your original key or lock yourself out of your bike. And getting a new key can be costly and time-consuming.

But if you have a friend or a family member who has a spare key for your bike, you can easily get access to it in case of an emergency. Plus, they will probably take good care of your key, since they know how important it is to you.


You know how it feels when you can’t find your keys. It’s frustrating, annoying, and sometimes even scary. But what if you lose your keys to your electric bike? Don’t panic because you can always order a new set from the e-bike company.

However, if you find yourself without a spare set and need to start your e-bike, we have got you covered. You can try out the above-mentioned ways to start your electric bike without a key. 

While these methods are only for one-time use, they can be a lifesaver in a pinch. But let’s be clear – we do not recommend starting your bike with any of these methods more than once. 

Safety should always be your top priority. The safest method would be to remove the e-bike’s battery and use the bike as a manual bicycle. So don’t let a lost key ruin your day. With our tips and the option for a replacement set, you can keep riding your e-bike with ease.

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