How to ship an electric scooter

How to Ship an Electric Scooter: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wondered how to ship an electric scooter without breaking the bank or the law? If so, you are not alone. Electric scooters are awesome, but they can also be a hassle to transport.

We know shipping an electric scooter is challenging if you are not familiar with the rules and regulations of different carriers and countries. 

That’s why we have created this ultimate guide to help you ship your electric scooter with ease and confidence. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about shipping an electric scooter. 

We will cover topics such as how to prepare your electric scooter for shipping, how to choose the best shipping provider, how to pack your electric scooter properly, and how to deal with insurance and returns. 

By following our tips, you will be able to ship your electric scooter with confidence and peace of mind.

How to Choose a Shipping Provider

You need to be careful about the company you choose to ship your electric scooter. The right shipping company will make a big difference in how well your e-scooter travels from where you are to where you want it to go.

Following are some important factors that you should keep in mind when you look for a shipping provider:


You should choose someone who knows how to handle things like electric scooters, which are delicate and valuable. They should have a good history of shipping similar items and know what to do to keep your e-scooter safe.


You should make sure your electric scooter is insured in case something goes wrong during the shipping. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing money or your scooter if it gets damaged or lost. 

Check the insurance details carefully and see if they cover the full value of your e-scooter.

Shipping Options 

Think about what kind of shipping you need for your electric scooter. Do you need it to get there fast? Do you need it to go to another country? Find a shipping provider that has the options that suit your needs. 


You should be able to see where your e-scooter is and when it will get there. It is why you need a provider that has a good tracking system. You should be able to check the status of your electric scooter anytime and get updates on its location and arrival time.

Customer Reviews 

Don’t just take the provider’s word for it. See what other people have to say about them. Read some reviews and testimonials from other customers who used their service. 

This will help you get a better idea of how they treat their customers and how reliable they are. 


You should never pay too much for shipping your electric scooter. But you also don’t want to pay too little and get poor service. 

Compare the prices of different providers and see if they match the quality of their service. Watch out for any hidden fees or low prices that seem too good to be true.

If you follow these tips and do some research, you should be able to find the right shipping provider for your electric scooter. 

Keep in mind that safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction are the most important factors to consider. You want your electric scooter to get to its destination in one piece and without any trouble.

How to Prepare Your Electric Scooter for Shipping

If you want to ship your electric scooter safely,  you need to prepare it well before you send it off. Here are some important steps you should follow:

Clean and Disassemble Your E-Scooter

First, you should give your electric scooter a good wash and get rid of any dirt or dust. This will make it look nice and also protect it from getting scratched or damaged during the trip. 

Also, you should take off any parts that can come off, like the handlebars or pedals, and pack them separately. This will reduce the chance of them breaking.

Get the Right Materials to Pack Your E-Scooter

Next, you should get some stuff to wrap your electric scooter and keep it safe. You will need some strong cardboard boxes, some foam or bubble wrap, some tape, and some zip ties. 

These things will help cushion your e-scooter and keep it from moving around or getting hit by anything during the trip.

Secure Your E-Scooter in the Box

Then, you should put your scooter in the middle of the box and make sure there is enough foam or bubble wrap around it. 

You should use the packing tape and the zip ties to hold everything in place and make sure nothing is loose. You don’t want your scooter to shift or shake during the trip.

Take Care of the Battery

If your scooter has a battery that you can take out, you should do that before you ship it. You should check with your shipping company to see what rules they have about lithium-ion batteries. 

You should pack the battery separately in a safe case and make sure it is sealed well. You don’t want the battery to leak or get damaged during the trip.

Choose the Right Size of Box

You should also pick a box that fits your scooter well. It should have enough room for your electric scooter and the foam or bubble wrap. 

You should avoid using a box that is too small because it might squeeze and hurt your scooter. You should also not use a box that is too big because it might let your scooter move around too much during the trip.

Insure the Shipment

Your electric scooter is valuable. So you should insure it when you ship it. You should check with your shipping company to see what insurance options they have and make sure your scooter is covered well. 

This is crucial because you don’t want to lose your electric scooter or have it damaged and not get compensated.

Label the Box and Attach the Documents

You should also write clearly on the box where it is going and who it is for. You should include your contact information and the recipient’s contact information. 

You should also attach any labels or documents that your shipping company gives you. This will help them identify your package and deliver it without any problems.

Arrange the Pickup or Drop-off

You should also coordinate with your shipping company when and where they will pick up or drop off your scooter. 

You should follow their instructions and make sure you have all the paperwork and tracking information ready. You don’t want to miss the pickup or drop-off time or lose track of your scooter.

Track Your Shipment

Once your electric scooter is on its way, you should use the tracking number to see where it is and when it will arrive. You should check the tracking information regularly to stay updated and see if there are any delays.

Deal With Any Issues or Returns

If something bad happens and your electric scooter arrives damaged or not at all, you should contact your shipping company right away.

You should follow their instructions on how to file a claim or return your scooter if needed. You should keep all the documents and photos as proof for any claims.

If you follow these steps and take care of your scooter, you can ship it safely and without any worries. You can relax and enjoy a smooth shipping experience.

How to Clean and Disassemble Your Electric Scooter

You must disassemble and clean your electric scooter before shipping it. Here are the steps:

  • Wash the scooter with water and soap. Use a cloth or sponge to clean all parts, especially the hard-to-reach ones. Don’t use harsh cleaners or chemicals.
  • Check the tires for wear, damage, or holes. Fix or replace them if needed. Pump them to the right pressure.
  • Fold the handlebars if possible. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and lock them in place. This will make the scooter smaller and safer for shipping.
  • Remove any accessories, like baskets, lights, or phone holders. They might break or get lost during shipping.
  • Take out the battery if it is removable. Clean the terminals and wrap the battery in a case or bubble wrap. Close the battery well to prevent leaks.
  • Tie up any loose cables or wires with zip ties or Velcro straps. This will keep them neat and undamaged.
  • Document and label the process. Take pictures or notes of what you did. Label any parts or accessories you removed and pack them with the scooter.
  • By doing this, you are protecting your scooter from damage and dirt. It will arrive in great condition and be ready to use.

What Packaging Material You Should Use

To pack your electric scooter safely, you need these things:

  • Strong cardboard boxes that fit your scooter. Don’t use damaged boxes.
  • Foam padding to cushion your scooter. Put some inside the box and cut some to fit different parts.
  • Bubble wrap to protect sensitive parts, like handlebars, display, or breakable things. Wrap them well to prevent damage.
  • Good packing tape to seal and secure the box. Tape all sides and corners.
  • Zip ties to secure loose parts and accessories. Tie up cables, accessories, and removed parts.
  • Use markers or labels to write the shipping information. Write the address, phone number, and shipping labels clearly.

Use enough padding to make the scooter snug and secure in the box. Pay more attention to vulnerable parts, like handlebars, wheels, and display. 

The packaging protects your scooter from damage during shipping. Pack it well and it will arrive safely.

How to Secure Electric Scooter in a Box

To secure your electric scooter in the box, follow these steps:

  • Position the scooter in the center of the box with some space for padding. Make sure the scooter and its parts are in the right position.
  • Pad the box with foam or bubble wrap. Put some on the bottom and top of the box, and wrap some around the scooter and its parts. This will protect the scooter from bumps and shocks during the shipping.
  • Secure any removable parts with zip ties or bubble wrap. Put them next to the scooter and pad them well. This will prevent them from sliding or damaging the scooter.
  • Test for movement by shaking the box gently. If anything moves, add more padding or adjust the position of the scooter.
  • Close and seal the box with packing tape. Cover all the edges and seams to keep the box from opening. Don’t tape too hard to avoid crushing the scooter.
  • Label the box with the shipping information, including the address, the contact details, and any shipping labels. This will ensure the box is identified and delivered correctly.

That’s it! You have secured your electric scooter in the box. A well-secured scooter has limited movement and plenty of padding. This will reduce the risk of damage during the shipping.

How to Take Care of E-Scooter Battery

To take care of electric scooter battery, follow these steps:

  • Check the shipping regulations for lithium-ion batteries. Different providers and countries may have specific rules.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the battery if possible.
  • Protect the terminals with electrical tape or covers. Avoid any shorts or damage.
  • Pack the battery securely in a case or bag. Use enough padding and avoid conductive or sharp materials.
  • Label the battery as “Lithium-ion battery” or “Dangerous Goods” as required. This will inform the shipping provider to handle it carefully.
  • Include any documentation, such as data sheets or certificates, with the battery. This will show the battery’s details, handling, and safety standards.
  • Inform the shipping provider that your package has a battery. They may have specific instructions or requirements for such items.
  • Ship the battery at a partial charge, between 20% and 30% of its capacity. Avoid full or empty charge, as this can cause hazards. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the safe charge level.
  • Include instructions for the recipient on how to handle and install the battery. Mention any safety precautions and charging procedures.

By following these steps, you can ship the battery safely and comply with the regulations. This will ensure the battery’s optimal condition and use.

How to Choose the Right Box for E-Scooter

To ship your electric scooter safely, choose the right box size. A box that is too small or too large can damage the scooter. Follow these steps to select the correct box:

  • Measure the scooter’s length, width, and height with a measuring tape. Record these measurements.
  • Choose a box that has some extra space around the scooter for padding materials like foam or bubble wrap. Use enough padding to protect the scooter from impacts.
  • Avoid a box that is too snug, as it can cause pressure on the scooter. Leave some room for padding, but keep the scooter stable.
  • If you disassemble any parts of the scooter, consider the space they need. The box should fit the scooter and the parts securely.
  • Check the box’s weight capacity. It should support the scooter’s weight, plus the weight of padding and accessories.
  • Select a high-quality, sturdy cardboard box for shipping. Use reinforced boxes made from double-walled or corrugated cardboard. Avoid damaged, weak, or used boxes.
  • If unsure, choose a slightly larger box rather than a smaller one. This will ensure proper padding and protection. Consider the dimensions, weight capacity, and quality of the box.

How to Insure Your Shipment

To protect your electric scooter from damage or loss during shipping, insure your shipment. Here are some tips for choosing insurance:

  • Evaluate the value of your scooter and accessories. Consider the purchase price, market value, and customizations.
  • Check the insurance options from your shipping provider. Review the terms, limits, and deductibles of each option.
  • Ensure the insurance covers various risks, such as theft, damage, and disasters. Read the policy carefully to know what is covered and what is not.
  • Declare the full value of your scooter if possible. This will give you the best coverage, but may cost more.
  • Provide documentation to support the value and condition of your scooter. This can include receipts, photos, or appraisals. Have them ready in case of a claim.
  • Follow the packing requirements of the insurance policy. Use the right materials, methods, or services to pack your scooter.
  • Consider the cost of insurance premiums. Compare the value of your shipment and the cost of insurance.
  • Learn the claims process of the insurance provider. Know how to file a claim, what documents to submit, and when to report any issues. Insuring your shipment gives you protection and peace of mind. It can compensate you for the value of your scooter if something goes wrong.

How to Label the Box and Attach the Documents

To ship your electric scooter smoothly and efficiently, follow these steps for labeling and shipping documents:

  • Write the recipient’s and your name, address, and contact details on the label. Check for accuracy.
  • Affix any shipping labels provided by your shipping provider. They may have barcodes, tracking numbers, or instructions. Make sure they are secure and visible.
  • If shipping internationally, complete and affix all customs documents. Consult your shipping provider or authorities for requirements.
  • Put shipping documents inside the package in a waterproof envelope or pouch. Seal and label them clearly.
  • Label the package with any special handling instructions, such as “Fragile” or “No Signature Required”.
  • Include any additional documentation required by your shipping provider, such as proof of purchase or insurance. Place them inside or outside the package securely.
  • Label each package with a number or letter if shipping multiple packages, such as “Package 1 of 3” or “Box A”.
  • Affix the labels to a flat, clean surface of the package. Avoid seams, edges, corners, straps, tape, or other materials that may damage or cover the labels.

By following these steps, you can ensure accurate and timely delivery of your electric scooter.

How to Arrange the Pickup or Drop-off

To schedule the pickup or drop-off of your electric scooter, follow these steps:

  • Contact your shipping provider with the details of the pickup or drop-off address, date, time, and instructions.
  • Schedule well in advance to avoid delays and ensure availability.
  • Confirm if the shipping provider offers pickup or drop-off services and choose the option that suits you best.
  • Ask about the required documentation for the pickup or drop-off and prepare them accordingly.
  • Request a tracking number or confirmation of the scheduled pickup or drop-off and track your shipment online.
  • Communicate with the shipping provider via phone, email, or portal and stay updated on any changes or updates.
  • On the scheduled day, have the packaged scooter, paperwork, tracking information, and identification ready.
  • Follow the shipping provider’s instructions and cooperate with their personnel during the pickup or drop-off.
  • Obtain a receipt or confirmation of the handover and keep it for future reference.
  • After the pickup or drop-off, monitor the progress of your scooter and contact the shipping provider if needed.

By following these steps, you ensure a smooth and timely delivery of your electric scooter.

How to Track Your Shipment

To track your electric scooter shipment, follow these steps:

  • Get the tracking number from your shipping provider. It lets you track your shipment and see its location and status.
  • Use online tracking tools on the shipping provider’s website or app. Log in with your tracking number to get real-time updates.
  • Set up tracking notifications via email or SMS. Choose when and how often you want to receive updates.
  • Check the tracking information regularly to see the current status of your shipment. It shows when and where your package was picked up, departed, or arrived.
  • Use the tracking information to estimate the delivery time of your electric scooter. Remember that some factors, like weather or customs, can affect the delivery schedule.
  • Watch for any delivery attempts by the shipping provider. If they fail to deliver, they may leave a notice or arrange for redelivery. Follow any delivery instructions or options they give you.
  • Contact the shipping provider’s customer service if you have any questions or concerns about the tracking information. They can give you more details or solve any issues. Keep a record of any communication.
  • Check the tracking information often to make sure your electric scooter is moving smoothly. This helps you spot any delays or problems and act accordingly.
  • Seek assistance from the shipping provider’s customer service if you have trouble or find errors with the tracking information. They can help you track your shipment or fix any discrepancies.
  • Check the tracking information when your electric scooter is delivered. Make sure it was received and signed for, if needed, and that the delivery was done as expected.

By tracking your shipment, you stay informed and updated about your electric scooter’s journey. This helps you prepare for its arrival and deal with any issues during transit.

How to Deal With Any Issues or Returns

If your electric scooter arrives damaged or you need to return it, follow these steps:

  • Inspect the package and note any damage on the receipt or with the shipping representative.
  • Take photos of the damage and keep the packaging materials for evidence.
  • Contact the shipping provider and provide them with the details and documents of the problem. Follow their instructions for filing a claim or return.
  • If you insured your shipment, contact the insurance provider and file a claim. Provide them with the information and documents they need and cooperate with them.
  • Review the shipping provider’s returns policy and follow the guidelines and deadlines for returning the scooter.
  • Repack the scooter using the original or suitable materials and include all accessories, manuals, and inserts.
  • Notify the seller or recipient about the return and communicate with them for any refunds or exchanges.
  • Track the return shipment and ensure that it is received by the intended party.
  • Follow up on refunds or exchanges and keep the documentation for your records.
  • Assess the resolution and provide feedback to the shipping provider or seller.

Be prepared, communicate well, and document everything to resolve any issues or returns for your electric scooter.


Shipping an electric scooter can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following the steps in this guide, you can ensure that your e-scooter arrives safely and without any problems. 

You just need to prepare your e-scooter well, pack it with the right materials, take care of the battery, choose the right box, insure the shipment, label the box, arrange the pickup or drop-off, track your shipment, and deal with any issues or returns. 

By doing so, you can relax and enjoy a smooth shipping experience. Whether you are selling your e-scooter, sending it as a gift, or moving to a new place, you can ship your e-scooter with confidence and peace of mind.