How to Reset Electric Scooter

How to Reset Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are a fun and convenient way to get around the city, but sometimes they can malfunction or run out of battery. If you encounter any problems with your electric scooter, you may need to reset it to restore its normal function. 

Resetting your electric scooter is a simple process that can be done in a few minutes, depending on the model and brand of your scooter. 

In this blog post, we will show you how to reset electric scooter in different scenarios and what to do if resetting does not work.

How Can I Reset My Electric Scooter?

Resetting an electric scooter depends on the model and brand of the scooter. For example, a Xiaomi e-scooter has a different reset method than a VSETT e-scooter.

Some electric scooters have a display with an on/off button that can also be used to reset the scooter. These buttons have multiple functions and can switch the scooter on and off as well as reset it.

The Button Reset

A simple but effective solution for many electric scooter problems is to switch it off and on again.

However, this may not apply to all scooters, since some manufacturers have disabled the reset function. So, if your scooter is acting up, you should give it a try first.

Reset From the Display

To reset your electric scooter, you can usually press and hold the power button on the steering wheel display for a few seconds, until you hear beeps or see flashes.

This indicates that the reset is complete and you can start your scooter normally. If this method fails, don’t worry. Some manufacturers have made the reset option more difficult.

For instance, with Xiaomi electric scooters, you need to press the power button, the brake lever, and the throttle simultaneously, until the display shows or the scooter sounds that it reset.

Reset From the E-Scooter App

If your electric scooter has a mobile app, you can reset it from there. This is a safer option than doing it manually, as some scooters may get damaged that way. 

Open your e-scooter app and look for the main menu icon with three dots on the top right corner. Tap on it and find the option to “factory reset” or something similar. Press it and agree to the reset.

Make sure your battery is at least 50% charged before you do this.

Reset Directly From the Battery Switch Button

Another option you can attempt before messing with the scooter’s electronics is to see if your e-scooter version supports any of the previous two methods.

Some brands have a “power on/off” button on the deck’s side, near the charging port. This button is directly linked to the battery, so you can quickly turn it off if your e-scooter malfunctions.

Press this button to switch off the battery, leave it for a few minutes, and then switch it on again. If this also fails, or your scooter doesn’t have this button, you will need to do a hardware reset.

Hardware Reset

A hardware reset means taking apart the main electronic components of your electric scooter and then putting them back together.

You should only try this method if:

  • None of the other methods work. 
  • You are familiar with electronics.
  • You are confident in what you are doing. 

Be aware that this process may invalidate your scooter warranty.

Remove the Battery

A hardware reset is a direct way to reset your electric scooter by taking out the battery and putting it back in after a few minutes. This is like taking out the battery from your phone when the screen gets stuck, as it used to happen in the early 2000s.

Many electric scooters have batteries that can be removed easily, so this should not be a hard task if you have one of those.

The battery is usually either under the deck or in the stem. In fact, most scooters have it under the deck. You need a screwdriver and some wrench tools to take it out. You need to find and remove the screws that seal the deck.

If the battery is in the stem, you might have to take off the steering wheel to open it.

After you open it, you need to unplug the wires that connect the battery to the other electronics, and take out the battery from its place. Leave it like that for a few minutes, and then plug it back in the way it was.

Disconnect the Controller

Another possible solution is to disconnect the controller if the battery reconnection did not fix the problem. It is a basic electric circuit board that links the battery with the motor and the controls. 

The controller controls the amount of power that comes from the battery to prevent overheating and damaging the other electric parts of the scooter. It looks like a small steel box with many wires coming out of it.

A faulty controller is often the cause of a power issue, such as the scooter not turning on even when the battery is charged. The controller is located near the battery, so you can access it the same way as you did in the previous step.

If none of these steps worked, and the problem persists, then you should take your scooter to a professional repair shop. Resetting the scooter will not help at this point.

Is there a Simpler Way to Reset Electric Scooter?

Before you resort to hard resetting your scooter, you should try some other troubleshooting steps. 

Most scooters, when they get too hot, will work again after a short break. Just let them cool down for a few minutes and then turn them on and ride.

Plug the Charger In

A possible way to fix the problem is to start the scooter with the charger on. This might work if the battery is old and weak, and needs some extra power to turn on. 

You can plug it into a wall socket and see if it runs. This is not a surefire way, and it is useless if you are not at home, but it is worth a try before you take apart the scooter with a screwdriver.

Kick-Start Your E-Scooter

Another option to start a broken e-scooter without a charger is to use a kick-start. This is how most e-scooters work nowadays, but you can also try it with other models that have booting-up problems.

The method is easy. You turn off the scooter and move it forward by pushing it. You ride it for a few meters like a regular non-electric scooter, and then you hit the throttle to turn on the motor.

Go into a Lower Gear

When you ride in a higher gear, you need more power, but you also drain the battery faster. And if the battery is weak, it can’t give you much power. 

Changing to a lower gear will reduce the stress on the boot-up and acceleration of the scooter, letting you get home safely with a slower speed.

How to Reset Xiaomi Essential

To fix issues with the power switch or the BMS of the Xiaomi Essential, you can reset it by holding down a certain combination of keys.

Do this to restore the Mi Essential to its original settings:

  1. Turn off the scooter. If it is on, keep the power key pressed until the screen turns black.
  2. Next, press the gas, brake, and power buttons together. Don’t hold them for more than three seconds.
  3. You will hear some beeps from the display. A red 14 and a red wrench icon might show up on the screen.
  4. Release all the buttons and levers. The hard reset is done.

How to Reset Xiaomi Pro 2

To restore the Xiaomi Pro 2 to its original settings, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button to turn off the scooter. The screen will turn black.
  2. Next, press and hold the power button, the accelerator, and the brake together. Keep them pressed for three to four seconds.
  3. You will hear some beeps from the display. You may also see a red 14 and a wrench icon on the screen. This is expected.
  4. Let go of all the buttons and levers. The hard reset is finished.

How to Reset Xiaomi Scooter 3

To reset your Xiaomi Scooter 3, do the following things in order:

  1. Turn off the scooter by pressing and holding the power key until the screen turns black. If the scooter is already off, skip this step.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the power button, the accelerator, and the brake for five seconds.
  3. You may see a red 14 and a wrench icon at the bottom of the screen. This is normal.
  4. Release all the buttons and levers. The hard reset is done.

How to Reset Xiaomi M365

To reset the e-scooter if it has issues with turning on or syncing with the Mi Home App, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the e-scooter is off. Otherwise, keep the power key pressed until the screen turns black.
  2. Next, use both hands to press the power button, along with the throttle and brake. Don’t press them for more than three seconds.
  3. After that, you will hear some beeps from the display. You may also see a red 14 and a red wrench icon on the screen.
  4. The hard reset will be done when you let go of all the buttons and levers.

How to Reset Razor E-Scooter

Overload is the main reason for resetting a Razor e-scooter. If your e-scooter stops working, attempt to turn it on again.

If that fails, you can reset it. There is a reset button on the left of the handlebar.

How to Reset Ninebot Max G30

To reset your Ninebot Max G30, do the following things:

  1. Turn on the e-scooter.
  2. Press the throttle and the brake all the way.
  3. Turn off the e-scooter and let go of the throttle and the brake.
  4. The hard reset is done and the scooter is back to its original settings.


In conclusion, resetting your electric scooter is a simple and effective way to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your device. Whether you have a battery problem, a display error, or a speed limit issue, resetting your electric scooter can help you restore its normal functionality and performance. 

If resetting your electric scooter does not solve your problem, you may need to contact the manufacturer or a professional service center for further assistance. 

Remember to always follow the safety precautions and maintenance tips that come with your electric scooter to ensure its longevity and durability. 

We hope this blog post was helpful and informative for you. Happy riding!