How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter

How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter?

Have you ever wondered how to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter? It is common for electric scooters to come with a speed limiter that prevents you from going too fast and harming yourself. People mostly use e-scooters on single-track trails where they do not want to go too fast.

People who buy electric scooters expect nothing crazy and sensational from them. E-scooters are environmentally friendly, simple, and economical commuters that provide you a quick way to get around town.

You can have a lot of fun riding an electric scooter. However, you are going to be riding it at modest speeds for most of your time unless you have a premium racing scooter,

E-scooters are not as slow as they may seem to you because the manufacturer purposely limits them. Most electric scooter models, including the cheapest ones, can travel much faster than they usually do, but it is the “speed limiter” that bounds them.

The role of the speed limiter is your and your battery back’s protection in case you crash at high speed and the scooter tumbles down the hill. It is a good idea to turn off the limiter if you are going up steep inclines or even downhill.

In urban settings, it is best to have the speed limiter on for the safety of yourself and other people. In this article, we will explore a few ways for removing speed limiters on electric scooters.

What is a Speed Limiter?

Electric scooters usually come with a speed limiter as a safety feature. Its primary purpose is to limit the speed at which the scooter can operate. The limiter is installed in the form of a physical device mounted on the scooter’s controller, or as a software feature that caps the motor’s power.

The speed limiter on most electric scooters, especially in cheaper models, is a simple wire that controls the power output of the controller. The function of this wire is to regulate the motor speed.

Disabling the limiter in the scooter settings, removing the wire that controls it, or simply disconnecting the wire from the device will allow you to bypass it easily.

Why do Manufacturers Limit the Power of Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters have speed limiters mainly for legal reasons. In many places, electric scooters do not have a clear legal status, but authorities impose speed limits on them. It is why manufacturers ensure their e-scooters comply with the local traffic laws.

The other reason for installing a speed limiter on electric scooters is the rider’s safety. Many e-scooters look safe and harmless, but they can be dangerous if you don’t know how to ride an electric scooter.

It is certain that you will fall off your electric scooter if you lose its control at a speed over 20 miles per hour / 32 kilometer per hour. Such accidents are more likely to happen to inexperienced riders and beginners that are not master of handling an e-scooter.

Electric scooters can easily exceed the safe speed limit if you are riding it on an empty road or going down the hill. There is no way you can be too careful with them.

What are the Benefits of Removing the Speed Limiter?

Removing the speed limiter on an electric scooter has some significant benefits that will encourage you to do it right away. It will increase your e-scooter’s speed, and it will enable you to travel more distance.

The biggest benefit of removing the speed limiter is that you will be able to ride your e-scooter at a faster speed, like 30 miles per hour or even more.

Many people who ride electric scooters could never go that fast simply because they don’t know how to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter.

The second significant benefit of removing speed limiter on your e-scooter is that you will travel longer distances without stopping. If you want more freedom during your daily commute or a long road trip, then you should remove the speed limiter. It will surprise you that how far you can go without this feature.

This is very beneficial to people who live in areas where there are few charging stations, or those who do not want to spend more time at home charging the batteries.

How to Derestrict an Electric Scooter?

Derestricting an electric scooter is not possible without breaking some rules. This makes it different from restricting an electric scooter.

The first thing you need to do is to get a wire cutter and a pair of scissors. After that, you need to locate the restriction on your e-scooter. There are two spots where you can find it: under the seat or inside the throttle control box. In case, you do not find it there, then you should check the frame or rear fender.

Once you have located the restrictions, the next step is to snip them off with your wire cutters. Make sure you remove them from your e-scooter; otherwise, they can be dangerous.

Keep them in a safe place after removing them because you may need them in the future. Now you can ride around your e-scooter and have fun.

How to Remove Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter

The speed limiter is a device on your electric scooter that restricts its top speed. The major reason for putting it there is to reduce the chances of injury in case of an accident.

Following are three different ways to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter:

Override the Speed Limiter in the Menu Settings

This is the easiest way to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter, but it does not work on every e-scooter. Some models allow you to go to the hidden settings menu on the display, while others won’t allow it.

In different models, the specific button that you will need to push will vary, but the overall method is the same.

The first step is to turn on the display in the cockpit, so you can access the settings. The next step is to open the hidden menu. For that, you will need to hold two buttons on the display at the same time.

Once the hidden menu opens, you need to scroll through and find the “speed limit” section. They usually mark it with two or three with a “kmh” or “mph” mark right next to them.

The speed limit in the hidden menu is usually somewhere between 50 and 70, but it can go up to 100. Keep in mind that this is the percentage of the top speed, and not the top speed itself. Now, to override the speed limit, you just need to increase the speed to the maximum value, which will be 100. Close the menu and restart your electric scooter.

We cannot do this method of overriding the speed limiter from the display on every electric scooter. Many brands now install the speed limiter as a separate device inside the e-scooter’s controller. If your electric scooter is like that, then you will need to replace or modify the controller.

Physically Modify the Controller

A controller is an electronic device that regulates the speed of your electric scooter. They install it near the near battery of your e-scooter, and it connects the throttle to the battery. It tells your battery how much throttle you have pressed, so the battery gives enough energy to the motor to achieve that speed.

A controller is basically a combination of many wires, and each wire has its own role. If you remove one wire, it will disturb the function of the complete circuit.

Now, to remove the speed limiter from your electric scooter, you need to modify the controller. For this purpose, you will need to remove one or a few wires that regulate the controller.

The controller is located under the deck right next to the battery, so you must open the frame’s cover to expose the electric parts. You will see a rectangular piece of metal from which several wires are hanging out. They usually place a controller inside of the e-scooter, so you will need to take it out to see all the wires.

We advise you to take a pic of the controller before you take it out, so you can later know how it was connected. To proceed with the third step, you must expose all wires connected to the controller.

Now you must identify which wire controls the speed limiter. Keep in mind that the wire that controls the speed limiter has a very light or white color, and they place it at the farthest end of the arrays of wires.

In some electric scooters, 4 white or light-colored wires glued to each other regulate the speed limiter. It also makes it easy for you to find them. Once you find them, it’s time to disconnect them. You can simply unplug the wire from the device if it is plugged into the device.

If the wires are connected directly to the speed limiter, you will need a wire cutter to cut them. There are three things that you must remember when you do it.

Never cut the wires when your e-scooter is charging, or it is connected to a socket. Always turn off your electric scooter and double check it before you touch any electric part. Never leave the wires exposed and cover them with an isolator.

After you have disconnected the speed limiter, it is time to reconnect the controller and put it back. This is when the pic you took earlier will be of great help.

You must plug every wire that you unplugged from the controller, and you must reconnect the controller with the electric parts of the scooter. After all that, you need to put it back in its place.

This entire process of removing the speed limiter on an electric scooter is difficult. You must have some technical knowledge about the parts of an e-scooter.

We advise you not to do it if you have never dealt with any type of electrical task in the past because it involves cutting open wires.

Replace the Controller

The third method of removing the speed limiter on an electric scooter is tricky, but it is safer because it does not involve removing and cutting wires. In this method, you buy a new controller that does not come with a speed limiting wire. You then connect the new controller to the place of the old controller.

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before you proceed with this method. As you will need to buy a new controller, so it will involve spending some money.

Some e-scooter manufacturers restrict their products to work only with the company’s approved parts. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your electric scooter will work without the factory-installed controller.

If you still want to remove the speed limiter on your electric scooter without compromising the old controller, then you will need to modify the old controller. It is how you can test out the maximum capabilities of your e-scooter.

The first step is to open the fame of an electric scooter, so you access the controller stored below it. Now unplug all wires to disconnect and remove the controller.

Now plug all wires to the designated ports of the new controller that come without the white-colored speed limit wire. Make sure you match the color of each wire with each port.

After you have connected all the wires, now it is time to put back the controller in its place and close the cover of your electric scooter.


Now you know how to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter. All speed limiter devices for electric scooters must comply with the United States National Law. E-scooters are limited in different states. The state law says electric scooters and mopeds must be not travel faster than 35 miles per hour under 55cc and 40 miles per hour under 250cc.

For safety reasons, speed limiters limit the top speed of e-scooters. The simplest way to deactivate a speed limiter is to remove the fuse that provides the power to it.

Moreover, you need a thorough understanding of how the parts work, especially with DC brush-speed-limiting systems. These systems control their operation with ignition coil and ignition points along with magnets.

We recommend you use a repair tool kit that includes all tools to remove or stop your controller. It will help you safely do the job, so you can enjoy the maximum speed out of your electric scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a speed limiter be removed?

Yes, you can remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter, but then your safety and license are at risk. Moreover, disabling or removing the speed limiter is dangerous because you cannot adjust the speed of your e-scooter as per road conditions.

Can I make my electric scooter go faster?

No, you cannot make your electric scooter go faster without making some changes. Electric scooters typically have a top speed of 15-20 mph, so if you want to go faster, you must upgrade the motor.

Why is my electric scooter not going full speed?

There are some reasons that prevent an electric scooter from going at full speed. The major reason could be a low battery. Make sure your battery is fully charged and take a portable power bank when you go out.

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