How to Lock an Electric Scooter

How to Lock an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters are a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around the city, but they also come with some risks. One of the most common concerns for electric scooter users is how to lock an electric scooter in public places. 

If you don’t lock your electric scooter properly, you might find it stolen, damaged, or tampered with by thieves or vandals. 

In this blog post, we will show you how to lock an electric scooter effectively, using different types of locks and techniques. We will also give you some tips on how to choose the best location and position for your electric scooter when locking it.

Assess Your Electric Scooter for Secure Locking Points

You have to find the most secure parts of the vehicle to put a lock on an electric scooter, or any scooter.

The best lock for your e-scooter is the one that wraps around its frame and can’t be easily cut or broken with tools like wire cutters, bolt cutters, or an electric drill.

The best lock is also one that you can take with you anywhere, so it has to be portable.

To get the right lock, you need to look at your scooter and spot sturdy locking points. These are parts of the scooter that are built of strong material, or things that are hard to unscrew or snap off.

Big e-scooters may require larger locks to go through the scooter’s frame and still connect to a fixed thing (e.g., pole or bike rack).

Some of the good spots to lock your scooter are: 

  1. Around the stem 
  2. Through the folding mechanism 
  3. Through a carrying handle

Some of the bad spots are: 

  1. Through wheels that can be taken off 
  2. Around handlebars 
  3. Through fragile or removable parts, like fenders or bolted-on accessories

Find a Safe, Well-Lit Area to Park Your Scooter

You should park your electric scooter in a bright and crowded place, such as a bike rack, a sturdy railing, or a noticeable pole or traffic light near a popular shop.

Hiding your scooter might seem like a good idea, but it actually gives thieves more time and space to break your lock, without anyone noticing or stopping them.

Look for a bright and secure spot to wrap your lock around. If you find other bikes parked together, that is a good place to join them with your scooter.

Thieves avoid places where they can be seen, so make your e-scooter stand out.

Invest in a High-Quality Lock for Your Electric Scooter

A good e-scooter lock is worth the investment, otherwise you may end up losing your scooter. Buy the best one that fits your budget.

You need a lock that is strong and durable, ideally made of hardened steel and with a thickness of at least 5-10mm.

Cable locks may seem convenient because they are light and cheap, but they can be easily snapped with simple tools like bolt cutters.

The most secure ways to lock an electric scooter may not be the most practical, so think about how much extra weight you can handle while riding.

No lock is flawless, but some are more effective than others, so let’s explore the best locks for optimal security.


If you want to lock your electric scooter, you have many options to choose from. Some of the most secure locks that can prevent theft are U-locks from Kryptonite and other brands.

You may have seen these U-locks holding bikes firmly in your city, and you may have noticed how heavy they are. U-locks get their name from their shape and have a U-shaped shackle that connects to a straight crossbar.

U-locks are not the only way to lock your electric scooter, but the best U-locks provide the most protection against bolt cutters and power tools. 

Good U-locks are made of hardened steel and will be heavy–usually around  5 lbs–with a thick shackle and crossbar. It will cost about $100.

U-locks have different sizes. Some have longer shackles to help you lock your scooter to objects that are hard to reach. But you should buy the shortest shackle that can fit your scooter, because those are safer.

It is essential to buy a high-quality U-lock that fits your scooter well.

We strongly recommend the New York Kryptonite series of U-locks and U-locks + chains, but ABUS also makes good U-locks.

Folding Locks

You need security, but you don’t like lugging around a heavy, solid steel U-lock (or a lock+chain combo) wherever you go.

U-locks are designed to always attach to something else that’s fixed, like a railing or a bike stand, or a bike frame holder or cycling bag.

U-locks can be uncomfortable and risky when attached to a bike frame. On an e-scooter, their uneven weight distribution can affect your riding balance more.

Electric scooters are meant for convenience and portability, so folding locks can be a better choice to keep your scooter safe while traveling light.

Folding locks can be attached to a stem without affecting the scooter’s balance and they can fit easily inside a backpack or a sling bag without adding too much extra weight or size.

But folding locks have more weak points than a U-lock because they are made of a series of metal bars connected by rivets. These connections should be built so that they can’t be drilled out by thieves with battery-powered drills.

The rivets or nuts that connect the folding lock’s bars are not the only weak point. The bars are thinner than U-lock bars to fold into a small shape, and they can be cut more easily.

The best folding locks use hard steel bars that are thick and wide enough to resist cutting, and nuts that spin instead of screwing/unscrewing or breaking when drilled.

Thread the U-Lock Through a Secure Locking Point on Your Electric Scooter

A good place to lock some electric scooters is around a fixed part of the stem.

Some scooters have handles or slots that are made for locking.

The Inokim Light 2 has a slot in the middle of the fold that’s ideal for locking it.

The Apollo City 2022 and City Pro have handles that are part of the frame and great for putting a lock.

These are some of the usual and safest places to secure your scooter, but you should use your common sense for your particular scooter.

Lock the Electric Scooter to a Permanent Fixture, Such as a Bike Rack

You may already know this, but any advice on how to lock an electric scooter will say: Lock your scooter to a fixed object or structure that is stuck to the ground or hard to move.

The object should not be something that a thief could move your scooter over or take apart, like a sign on a low post.

Thick metal posts, bike stands, and stair rails are the best. Avoid metal fences, as they can be easily cut with wire cutters.

Best U-Locks for Electric Scooters: Kryptonite New York Series

Some U-locks may seem sturdy, but they can be easily broken with simple tools.

If you are looking for electric scooter locks, we suggest these four Kryptonite New York Locks.

All Kryptonite locks have shackles made of tough steel, and the thicker the shackle, the harder it is to cut with tools.

A longer shackle gives you more options to lock your scooter, but it also makes it less safe, because thieves have more space to use their tools between the lock, the pole, and the electric scooter.

New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

The New York Fahgettaboudit Mini offers the highest security with its short and thick shackle. It is also fairly light to carry in your backpack. However, the short shackle limits your choices of where to lock your scooter.

New York Standard

The New York Standard U-lock has a shackle of normal length and thickness, which makes it more convenient to lock your scooter to various things.

New York LS

The New York LS has a very long shackle, which could be useful for locking a bigger scooter with a broader stem. But longer shackles are more vulnerable and give thieves more room to work.

New York Fahgettboudit Chain

If you don’t mind carrying around a much heavier option, you could try the New York Fahgettaboudit Chain. This is not really a U-lock, but a sturdy, 5 ft long chain that lets you lock your scooter to various objects with a high degree of safety.

Don’t Count on Anti-Theft Warranties 

Kryptonite locks offer a warranty that claims to cover up to $2000 of replacement or insurance costs, but it may not be easy to use.

You have to fulfill the following conditions, and it is also uncertain if electric scooters qualify as powersport vehicles: 

  • Register the lock and vehicle with Kryptonite before the theft. 
  • Submit and show a police report. 
  • Explain how you secure your vehicle. 
  • Show a picture of the damaged lock (you might need to mail it). 
  • Show a picture of an original key. 
  • Show evidence of deductible (if insured).

Best Folding Locks for Electric Scooter

Kryptonite and ABUS are both excellent brands for bike locks that also suit electric scooter locks.

ETook Folding Lock

The ETook Folding Lock is a high-security option that costs less than many others. It resists saws, drills, and bolt cutters and comes with a bracket to attach it to your scooter.

Fluid Fold

You can get a lightweight, compact, and very secure folding lock from brands like ABUS, but they are expensive.

Our preferred folding lock for electric scooters is the Fluid Fold from Fluid Freeride, which costs only $69 and has the same security level in a smaller size. 

The Fluid Fold has these features: 

  • Hardened steel that withstands 9 tons of hydraulic force. 
  • A rotating cap that blocks drilling. 
  • Steel rivets that hold up to 2 tons of pulling force. 
  • Swiss key and cylinder technology that stops lock picking. 
  • A low weight of just 1.6 lbs.

Inokim Folding Scooter Lock

If you are looking for a folding scooter lock that is secure and affordable, you might want to check out this one from Inokim. It is a bestseller that offers the same protection as an ABUS folding lock, but at half the price. 

You only need to pay $20 more than the fold model. It has a heat treated hardened steel body that can withstand 9 tons of hydraulic force. It comes in five different colors that suit your scooter. It fits nicely on the stem with a snug case.

The Inokim has these features:

  • It also has a drill-resistant lock hole. 
  • A tiny lock cylinder that makes it hard to pick. 
  • It weighs only 2 lbs. 

Other Types of Locks for Electric Scooters

A good way to keep your electric scooter safe is to store it inside, but there are also other methods to lock your scooter outside.

Some people who ride scooters combine a U-lock or a folding lock with electronic anti-theft devices to increase their security from thieves.

Following are some other types of locks for electric scooters:

Electronic Theft Deterrents

Anti-theft features are common on many electric scooters. Some of them can be easily installed with simple cabling, while others require expert electrical work.

One of the easiest and most common anti-theft features is the keystart ignition, which regulates the scooter’s power. There are also scooters that have NFC card readers or key fobs. Without the key, card, or fob, the scooter cannot be turned on.

Some of these setups also have immobilizer alarms, which prevent the wheels from rolling by using the scooter’s power. These usually have a loud sound alarm that goes off when the scooter is moved.

A drawback of anti-theft devices that depend on the scooter’s battery, to make noise and stop the wheels, is that they can use up the battery entirely — especially if the scooter has been stored for a long time.

Another type of alarm that is popular on basic scooters is Bluetooth-enabled security, which is managed through a smartphone app. When activated, the lock usually makes the scooter produce an alarm, immobilize the wheels or both.

Ring Locks and Disc Brake Locks

A ring lock or disc brake lock is fixed to the wheel and designed to stop the scooter from moving.

Most electric scooters with spokes in the wheel have little room for using a ring lock. It may fit around the scooter and a pole, but the shape is more limiting than the U-lock. 

Some disc brake locks have cables for tying around a bike rack, but they can be quickly cut with wire cutters.

If these kinds of locks are not used together with something that secures them to a stable locking point, the scooter can easily be lifted away.

Cable/Chain Locks

Cable locks and chain locks are very popular for locking a bicycle, but they are not the best locks for an electric scooter, because they usually have smaller frames and there is not much room to carry the extra 10 lbs weight of a metal chain.

If the chain is too loose around the stem, you could pull the scooter out of the loop. If the cable or chain is lying on the ground, it can be smashed until broken. 

Most cable and chain locks can be cut or damaged by impact, so they won’t keep your e-scooter secure outdoors for a long time.


Locking an electric scooter is essential to prevent theft and vandalism. There are different types of locks that you can use, such as U-locks, folding locks, or cable locks. However, the best lock is the one that fits your scooter’s frame and can resist cutting or breaking tools.

You should also look for a sturdy and immovable object to lock your scooter to, such as a bike rack or a post. Avoid locking your scooter to weak or removable parts, such as wheels or handlebars. 

Finally, you can also use additional security measures, such as immobilizer alarms, NFC card readers or key fobs, and Bluetooth-enabled security to deter thieves and locate your scooter if it gets stolen. 

By following these tips, you can keep your electric scooter safe and enjoy riding it for a long time.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends. Happy riding!

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