Best Trick Scooters in 2022

8 Best Trick Scooters in 2024

Trick scooters are highly popular among average neighborhood kids and sports enthusiasts. They are easy to learn, lots of fun, and are a great workout. However, you will need best trick scooters if you want to pull off amazing tricks.

I have put together this article about the best trick scooters for you. It will provide you in-depth reviews and help you decide which trick scooter is best for you and your kids.  

Trick scooters are designed for skate parks and not for the pavement. The reason why they are called trick scooters is that they let you to perform tricks with ease.

You must find the right scooter for tricks that fits your budget and meet your needs. The scooters we are going to tell you about have top-class quality, and they get wonderful reviews from customers.

ARCADE Pro Scooter (Ideal for Adults)

ARCADE Pro Scooter is number one on my list of the best trick scooters. It is one of the most secure professional trick scooters for beginners because it is loaded with custom parts. This scooter is designed to take you from novice to pro level with its dynamic design, smooth bearings, 3D-stamped fork, robust deck, and bespoke neck.

ARCADE Pro Scooter

You cannot glide if your scooter’s bearings are sticky. Most entry-level pro scooters have non-rated bearings. However, ARCADE Pro scooter has high-quality ABEC-7 bearings.

The scooter’s T-bar has 83-degree headtube that is wrapped around with TPR grips. It gives your secure ride while you glide. This scooter comes with 100 millimeters polycarbonate wheels, but you can replace them with 110 millimeters wheels due to modification of brake and fork.

The deck of this trick scooter has a degree concave design. It is convenient for beginners, and it enables them to place their feet firmly and practice the smooth moving technique. Moreover, it provides you the flexibility when you perform your first trick.

ARCADE Pro Scooter’s deck is made of aircraft grade aluminum. It makes the scooter lightweight and durable. You will experience it when you start performing tricks with this scooter.

When you receive your ARCADE Pro Scooter, you only need to tighten two screws because it already assembled. It makes your first ride safe and secure. If you already know how to perform tricks, you will feel this scooter has clean jump and satisfactory landing.

This scooter is available in four distinct colors: metallic gold, racing red, brilliant blue, and raven black. It is suitable for beginners to intermediate riders. It weighs only 7.5 pounds, but it can hold up to 220 pounds. The rear braking is smooth.

The dimensions of ARCADE Pro Scooter are 27 x 4 x 32 inches. The handlebar is fixed at the height of 22.5 inches.

  • It is durable and lightweight

  • The nylon brake is rattle-free and durable

  • The high-quality bearings offer smooth ride

  • The design is dynamic with strong 3D stamped forks

  • It is a safe entry-level trick scooter.

  • The height of handlebar is not adjustable

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter (Best Trick Scooter for the Price)

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter is number two on my list of the best trick scooters. It is a popular entry-level professional trick scooter that offers excellent performance and handling. It is tough, and it can withstand significant handling in the skatepark. You can perform some real stunts with this scooter.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Fuzion X-3 Pro is robust and lightweight. It offers you a smooth ride. These characteristics enable a beginner to learn techniques and progress towards the pro-level.

The handlebar of this trick scooter is fixed at a height of 18.5 inches. Soft grips on aluminum handlebars offer you excellent gripping. They are made of composites, and you can replace them when they wear off. There is a plastic cap as protection at the ends of the handlebars.

The deck is 4 inches wide, which gives you added stability. It has concave shape, and it is made of high-strength aluminum. The 3D stamped steel fork consists of sealed bearings, thread less headset, IHC Compression System and 100 millimeters wheels. It also fits 110 millimeters wheels.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter is a high-quality and robust stunt scooter. It is an incredible device for children and young riders that want to learn techniques and become pro riders.

This trick scooter weighs about 7 pounds, and it can hold up to 220 pounds. The dimensions of Fuzion X-3 are 27.25 x 4 x 31.75 inches. It has dual suspension and the tires are made of polyurethane.  

  • It has a lightweight aluminum deck

  • It is a great scooter for children

  • The aluminum deck is lightweight and durable

  • The custom brake is noise-free

  • You can upgrade it

  • It is hard to adjust the brake

Apollo Pro Genius (Ideal for Kids)

Apollo Pro Genius is number three on my list of the best trick scooters. It is a freestyle stunt scooter that is designed for tricks and stunt riding. Its premium construction and stylish design make it all-in-one solution for your children and teenagers.

Apollo Pro Genius

Apollo trick scooter is used all over the world for skateparks, tricks, half pipes, and stunts. It is suitable for children above 7 to experienced riders that weigh up to 220 pounds. Several professional scooter athletes prefer this scooter over others.

A scooter enthusiast knows the importance of grips. You can tumble halfway down a halfpipe if you lose control. It is why Apollo Pro Genius has ribbed and non-slip tread super grips. It ensures that you have complete control of your scooter while performing tricks.

This trick scooter has strong structure, which makes it secure for both children and adults. Your whole family can enjoy it. Your children can use it to travel to school or ride it in the driveway with their friends. You can enjoy freestyling with this scooter at the skatepark.

A reason why Apollo scooter is so popular among scooter athletes is that it is specially developed for outdoor skateparks, kickers in indoor, pools, stairs, rails, and half pipes.

The chrome steel handlebar and high stability of this scooter ensures that you stay safe and supported when performing tricks and stunts. It is ideal for difficult feats such as twists, turns, grinds, and leaps.

  • It is lightweight and strong

  • It is suitable for both children and adult riders

  • It has excellent grips

  • The deck is made of aircraft grade alloy

  • It is available in 9 colors

  • The height of handlebar is not adjustable

VOKUL K1 Pro Scooter (Our Choice)

VOKUL K1 Pro Scooter is number four on my list of the best trick scooters. It is known as one of the best trick scooters since 2000. VOKUL enjoys the reputation of pro scooter specialist in the industry. Every year, they sell over 50,000 pro scooters.

VOKUL K1 Pro Scooter

This trick scooter is designed for intermediate and advance riders. The deck is made of T6 heat-treated aluminum, which makes it strong, stable, and lightweight. The smooth and polished bottom of the deck makes it ideal for grinding.

The 100 millimeters polyurethan wheels of the scooter offer you safe and smooth riding. This gives you stability and balance due to their high rebounding, shock-absorbing, and anti-abrasive construction. The K-2 bearings give you additional smooth and fast ride.

Fender brakes on the rear tire offer you smooth and effective braking. TPR grips are comfortable with excellent gripping. The non-slip deck top ensures that your feet stay firm during the ride.

VOKUL K1 Pro Scooter weighs about 9 pounds, and it can hold up to 260 pounds. The handlebar is adjustable, and the scooter’s dimensions are 26 x 19 x 5.5 inches.

  • It is lightweight and strong

  • It is excellent for advanced riders

  • The brakes are noise free

  • It takes only a minute to assemble the scooter

  • The grips are comfortable

  • The rear brake breaks from time to time

Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter (Best Lightweight)

Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter is number five on my list of the best trick scooters. It is popular among novice riders. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum and best steel. The design and construction of this scooter is of highest standards.

Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

This trick scooter is a work of art. It is lightweight yet strong, and it is highly functional and great to ride. The best thing about this scooter is that you can upgrade it as you progress to become an advance rider. It is compatible with the whole aftermarket array of Lucky.

A wide range of customers around the world use Lucky Crew scooter to perform stunts. It includes sidewalk riders, street demons, rippers, and world champions. These people choose Lucky scooters because of the brand’s craftsmanship and excellence.

This trick scooter is suitable for new riders between 6 to 14 years with a height up to 5 feet. The dimensions of the scooter are 23.62 x 5.12 x 26.77 inches. It weighs 7 pounds, and it can hold up to 220 pounds. The size of polyurethan wheels is 110 millimeters. The TackiGrips and SteelyBrake give you excellent control during your ride.

  • It is lightweight and strong

  • It is compatible with aftermarket lineup of Lucky

  • It is fully upgradable

  • It is available in 10 distinct colors

  • It is 95% pre-assembled

  • It is not suitable for riders above 5 feet

  • The quality of grip tape is low

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter (Best for the Price)

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter is number six on my list of the best trick scooters. It is highly popular because of balanced and smooth ride. Hundreds of users have given it great reviews.

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

Unlike other scooters, Fuzion Z250 Pro is made of premium alloy. It is designed for kids and teenagers; however, it can hold adult riders weighing up to 220 pounds. The scooter itself weighs only 7.1 pounds.

A unique thing about this scooter is that most aftermarket parts and upgrades work with it. Therefore, you do not need to purchase a new trick scooter because it can satisfy all your requirements. This is very helpful when your child is ready to advance his skills.

Fuzion Z250 Pro arrives pre-assembled. All you need to do is to tighten two bolts that takes hardly two minutes. The high rebound wheels of this scooter are made of polyurethane. Their size is 110 millimeters, which is larger than most other scooters.

The dimensions of this scooter are 27 x 4 x 33 inches. The frame is made of aluminum alloy steel which gives it great strength. The handlebar is adjusted at 21 inches height, but you can adjust it for your comfort. The nylon brakes offer you noise-free and effective braking.

  • It is lightweight and strong

  • The handlebar is adjustable

  • The brakes are noise-free and effective

  • It takes only 2 minutes to assemble it

  • The hex-pattern grips give you maximum comfort and control

  • The stem is short for tall riders

  • It is not foldable

Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooter (Customer Demand)

Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooter is number seven on my list of the best trick scooters. It has a strong construction that makes it ideal for rough rides. It comes with 110 millimeters alloy core wheels and nylon brakes that are very responsive. The high rebound wheels are made of polyurethane.  

Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooter

The size of the deck is 4.5 x 19.5 inches, and it is made of aircraft grade aluminum.  This trick scooter gives you smooth and quite glide because of high-quality bearings. The size of handlebars is 23 x 21 inches, and they are wrapped with hex grips on the top to give you comfort and control.

This trick scooter has a sleek design, fresh graphics, and smooth glide. It has everything that your kid needs to become a pro rider. When the package arrives at your home, you only need to tighten two bolts, and it will be ready for riding.

Fuzion Z250 SE Scooter is ideal for beginner and intermediate riders. It is suitable for kids above 8 years. The scooter weighs only 8 pounds, but it can hold up to 220 pounds. The dimensions are 27 x 4 x 33 inches.

  • It is light and strong

  • The glide is smooth

  • The brakes are excellent

  • The handlebar is adjustable

  • It takes only 2 minutes to assemble it

  • A little expensive than other scooters

Envy Colt Series 3 (Best in Budget)

Envy Colt Series 3 is number eight on my list of the best trick scooters. This trick scooter has a solid construction, and it is a perfect device for beginners and intermediate riders. The deck is made of aircraft-grade alloy steel. The headset is fully sealed and the headtube is integrated at 82.5 degrees.

Envy Colt Series 3

This trick scooter has nylon brake system that is fitted with rear inserts and front plate. The handlebar is adjustable, and TPR handgrips offer you excellent control and conform during your ride. The 110 millimeters polyurethane wheels makes the glide smooth and comfortable.

The dimensions of this Colt Series 3 Scooter are 26.77 x 21.26 x 32.68 inches. It weighs 4.4 pounds, and it can hold up to 220 pounds.

  • It is lightweight and strong

  • The handlebar is adjustable

  • The glide is smooth

  • The brakes are noise-free

  • The design is very appealing to kids

  • The size is smaller than other scooters

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The market is full of a wide range of trick scooters. Each of them offers you different features that may suit your budget and requirements. It is not easy for most people to decide which trick scooter is right for them. You must be aware of different factors that will help you decide which trick scooter is right for you.

Some important factors that I want you to consider are deck size, brakes, type and size of wheels, handlebar, and grips. The strong construction, smooth glide, noise-free brakes, and comfort makes your riding experience pleasant.

For someone like me who believes strong construction, large deck size, smooth glide, noise-free brakes, large solid wheels, excellent grips, and durability are crucial factors to consider when buying a scooter for tricks. After all, you will be performing stunts and tricks, so your device must be able to bear rough handling.

Therefore, ARCADE Pro Scooter, VOKUL K1 Pro Scooter, and Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter top my list for the best trick scooters that I would consider buying in 2023. Even if you choose to buy any other scooter from the above list, it will still provide you a pleasant experience and comfortable ride because all of them are popular trick scooters.

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