Make Electric Scooter Faster

How to Make Electric Scooter Faster?

Do you want to make your electric scooter faster? Yes! It is possible, and it is not as difficult as you might think. With a few simple modifications, you can easily add speed and power to your e-scooter.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best ways to make your electric scooter faster. From upgrading the battery to removing speed limiter, these tips will have you zipping around in no time!

Shift to the Fastest Mode

For making your electric scooter faster, there is one key factor you need to consider: the speed of the motor. The faster the motor, the faster your scooter will be. A simple way of doing it is to switch it to the fastest mode.

Switch to the Fastest Mode

Most electric scooters feature three or more riding modes: ECO, Standard, and Turbo. You will hit the top speed if you switch to the Turbo mode and twist the throttle to the maximum.

In some electric scooters, they refer the fastest mode to as Sport Mode instead of Turbo Mode. In either case, the functionality remains the same, which is to hit the fastest speed. Keep in mind that the fastest riding mode will drain your battery faster and reduce the range.

There are different ways to switch to the fastest mode in different models of electric scooters. In some models, there is a button for it in the cockpit. In other models, you need to access the P-Settings or use an app to switch to the fastest gear.

Change the Components

If you want to make your electric scooter faster, one of the best things you can do is change some of its components. This includes mainly the controller and the motor.

Let’s say your e-scooter has 25 Ampere controller, and you are getting a maximum speed of 33 miles per hour. To get more speed, you can replace it with a bigger controller. You must make sure the bigger controller is compatible with the motor and battery of your electric scooter.

For example, you replace a 25 Ampere controller with a 30 Ampere controller. This will not cause any problem because a 52 volts battery is compatible with it. A more powerful controller flows more power, which increases the top speed. However, more power consumption will reduce your e-scooter’s range.

The second component that you can change is the motor. If you feel that your electric motor is not functioning as good as it should, then you can replace it with a better or bigger motor. You can get a bigger motor only if your controller size allows it.

We recommend you choose a more powerful motor over a bigger motor. A more powerful motor of the same size will fit in the motor compartment, whereas a bigger motor may not fit in there. 

Use Racing Tires

Electric scooters are great for getting around town, but if you are looking to make your scooter faster, you might switch to racing tires. Racing tires are designed for speed and can help your scooter reach higher speeds. However, before making the switch, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of racing tires.

Electric Scooter Racing Tires

You can use off-road tires or street tires or racing tires instead of stock tires. All of them perform better in different situations. For example, if you use your e-scooter more for off roading, then it is better to use off-road tires. For city riders, street tires are a better choice.

Racing tires are the best option for you if you ride your e-scooter on smooth roads where there is not much traffic. In fact, racing tires outperform off-road tires and street tires at faster speeds.

Most electric scooters come with street tires or off-road tires. Therefore, switching to racing tires will surely make your e-scooter go faster. Another advantage of racing tires is that they are tubeless tires, which means they require less repairing time than tubed tires.

Change the Battery

If your electric scooter is running slower than usual, one of the first things you should check is the battery. Over time, batteries can lose their charge and need to be replaced. Fortunately, changing the battery on an electric scooter is a fairly easy process anyone can do with a few simple tools.

The lifecycle of a battery used in electric scooters is usually 500 charges. After that, you will need to replace it because a low battery will make your e-scooter slow. A dead battery may provide you half of the top speed.

To make your electric scooter faster, replace your battery with a bigger one that is compatible with the controller. It may cost you a significant amount because a battery is the most expensive part of an e-scooter.

We recommend that you have a professional replace the battery for you unless you have an electrical background. To change the battery yourself, start by removing any panels that give you access to the battery compartment.

Once you have access to the battery, remove the old battery and disconnect it from the wires. Then, connect the new battery and reassemble your scooter. With a new battery in place, your electric scooter should run at full speed again in no time!

Properly Adjust the Brakes

For electric scooters, one of the most important things you can do to make them faster is to adjust the brakes properly. This may seem like a simple decision, but many people don’t realize that the brakes are one of the biggest factors in how fast your scooter can go.

If your brakes are too loose, they will put your life in danger. On the other hand, if they are too tight, they will slow down your scooter and even cause your motor to overheat and potentially damage it. So, it is important to find that happy medium where your brakes are tight enough to provide good stopping power without being so tight that they hinder your speed.

There should be no contact between the brake pads and the scooter rims. It will make your e-scooter go faster. You can adjust the brakes yourself if you are handy enough. However, we recommend you visit your nearest electric scooter repair shop, and let a professional do the brake tuning for you.

Remove the Speed Limiter

Another thing you can do to make your electric scooter faster is to remove the speed limiter. This will allow your scooter to reach its full potential speed, which can be significantly faster than the limited speed. Some manufacturers install speed limiters on their e-scooters for legal reasons.

There are a few different ways to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter. One popular method is to simply disconnect the wires that lead to the speed limiter. In many e-scooters, you will see a white wire coming out of the controller. If you cut this wire, more power will go the motor and your e-scooter will go faster.

Speed Limiter

In some models, you reset the software of the controller, and it will undo the speed limiter of your e-scooter. Another way to remove speed limiter is to download the app of your electric scooter’s manufacturer. There, you will find an option to unlock the speed. Tap it and it will remove the speed limiter to make your e-scooter go faster.

If you cannot find an app for your electric scooter, we recommend you contact the manufacturer. Ask them if they can provide you a firmware or application to unlock the speed of your e-scooter.

Regardless of which method you choose, removing the speed limiter from your electric scooter will undoubtedly make it faster. Just be sure to take caution when riding at higher speeds and always wear proper safety gear when doing so.

Make sure you are aware of the local laws for speed limits. We don’t want you to be pulled over by the police and charged for over speeding. If you live in a country with strict laws, then you should remove the speed limiter only if you plan to ride your e-scooter on a private property. 

Make the E-scooter Lighter

If you ever read the descriptions from the vender, you must have noticed that speed of the e-scooter depends on the weight of the rider. This means you can make your electric scooter lighter to make it go faster. You can remove any unnecessary weight from your e-scooter, such as the basket or extra seat.

Some people add a trailer to their e-scooter for the baby or pet or shopping. You can disconnect the trailer to reduce the load on your e-scooter. Some people ride e-scooter in twos, and that will also put extra load on the motor and reduce the speed. Avoid riding in twos because it not only reduces the speed but also puts your safety at stake.

Beat the Cut-Off Voltage

Modern e-scooters have BMS (Battery Management System) that cut-out to keep their batteries in the best health. You can beat the cut-out if you ensure that your electric scooter is fully charged before you travel on it.

A fully charged scooter will travel faster, while a less charged will not even make it to 6 miles per hour. This is because when an e-scooter is less charged, the BMS will activate the cut-out, and your e-scooter will become much slower.

One of the leading causes of scooters cutting off is the low battery. It is also valid for electric scooters that do not have cut-off voltage feature. There will be no high speed when you floor the throttle.

The motor of an electric scooter relies on the voltage of the battery to run fast. A fully charged battery produces more voltage. It is why we recommend you keep your battery maximum charged to avoid cut-off voltage.

In case you need to travel a long distance on your e-scooter, we advise you to keep a fast charger. It will enable you to keep your scooter charged. Remember that you should only charge your scooter when it has cooled down.

Replace the Battery Management System

The battery management system (BMS) is responsible for managing the charging and discharging of the batteries. It ensures that the batteries are evenly charged and discharged, which prolongs their lifespan. Sometimes the BMS can become outdated and need to be replaced to keep the electric scooter running at its optimal speed.

If you’re interested in upgrading your BMS, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you need to make sure that your battery is properly functioning. If you replace the BMS without checking the battery, it will do no good to you. 

Second, you need to install a new BMS that is compatible with the battery. It will keep your battery in good health and provide you with accurate charging.

FAQs About How to Make Your Electric Scooter Faster

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about making an electric scooter go faster:

Are There Any Tips Make an Electric Scooter Go Faster?

Following are some tips to make your electric scooter go faster:

Remove or undo the speed limiter

Always use the highest speed mode

Keep your battery with the highest possible voltage

Use racing tires when possible

Replace speed-involved components with more powerful components

Why Won’t My Electric Scooter Go Faster?

Major reasons for e-scooters for not going faster include low battery voltage, restricted speed, more weight on it, and riding it in the slowest mode. To make it go faster, you can keep it as light as possible, keep the battery fully charged, and engage the Sport Mode/Turbo mode when you ride it.

Will a Higher Voltage Battery Make My E-Scooter Faster?

Yes, it will make your e-scooter go faster if you use a battery with higher voltage. However, you must ensure that the battery is compatible with the motor and controller. It is necessary for better speed control. Compatibility of battery with the motor and controller ensures your e-scooter function seamlessly.

Can You Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter?

Yes, you can remove the speed limiter on your e-scooter. However, the method to remove speed limiter depends on the model of your electric scooter. In some scooters, you will need to unplug the wires of speed limiter. In others, you will need to use the manufacturer’s firmware through your cell phone to unlock the speed limiting.

How Do You Speed Up a Low Speed E-Scooter?

The main reason for low speed in electric scooters is electric components that are inferior. If you want to speed up your e-scooter, you need to replace those components with more powerful components. You can use more powerful battery, motor, and controller to speed up your electric scooter.


It is a good idea to make your electric scooter faster because it will enable you to save time. For this purpose, you can use a higher voltage battery, powerful motor, and better controller. You can replace the stock tires with racing tires, or you can replace the BMS with a better one. You should also ride your e-scooter in the fastest mode, and you should remove any additional weight from it.

However, you must make sure that you operate under the legal speed thresholds imposed by your local government. Violating the speed limit can get you in trouble.

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