How Fast Does a 750W Electric Bike Go

How Fast Does a 750W Electric Bike Go?

Are you looking for a speedy and eco-friendly way to commute? Then a 750W electric bike is for you. But how fast does a 750W electric bike go? 

A 750W electric bike is a bike that has a motor that can provide up to 750 watts of power, which is equivalent to about one horsepower. The speed of a 750W electric bike depends on several factors, such as the rider’s weight, the terrain, the battery level, the pedal assist mode, and the legal limit. 

In general, a 750 watts electric bike can reach speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h) on flat roads, and even faster on downhill slopes. However, some countries and states have laws that restrict the speed and power of electric bikes, so you should always check the local regulations before riding a 750W electric bike. 

In this blog post, we will explain how fast a 750W electric bike can go, what factors affect its speed, and pros & cons of 750-watts electric bikes.

What Does Wattage Means for E-Bikes?

The wattage of an electric bike is the power of its motor. It tells you how much help you get from the bike when you pedal.

Some electric bikes have low wattage motors (250W or less), while others have high wattage motors (750W or more). The higher the wattage, the more power you have to climb hills and fight the wind. But more power also means faster battery drain.

So, how do you choose the right wattage for your electric bike? It depends on your riding style, terrain, and budget. Generally, low wattage bikes are cheaper and have longer battery life, but they offer less assistance. High wattage bikes are more expensive and have shorter battery life, but they give you more speed and power.

Of course, these are not hard and fast rules. New technology is constantly improving the performance and efficiency of electric bikes. Some models can even adjust the wattage according to your needs. 

What is a 750W Electric Bike?

An e-bike with a 750 watts motor is a powerful electric bicycle that can produce 750 watts of energy. This kind of e-bike helps riders pedal with ease, especially on slopes and busy roads.

Many riders prefer 750W e-bikes because they are faster and more effective than regular bikes. They can be used for commuting, recreation, and off-road riding. However, a 750 watts motor also consumes more battery power, so it may not last as long as a lower-powered motor.

Also, some places have rules about how much power an e-bike can have, so you should check the local laws before buying a 750W e-bike.

How does a 750W motor work?

An electric bike with a 750-watt motor can handle hills or rough terrain well because it has a lot of torque and speed. But how does this motor work on an e-bike?

An electric bike motor uses battery power to move the wheel. It can assist the rider in two ways: throttle mode and pedal assistance mode.

When you pedal, the motor activates and helps you whether you are on a flat, rough, or hilly surface. The faster you pedal, the faster you go, and vice-versa.

But there is a limit to how fast you can go without pedaling, depending on the law. If you don’t want to pedal, you can use the throttle mode, which lets you control the speed with a lever. But this mode uses more battery power and reduces the range.

Hence, an e-bike motor makes pedaling easier and saves your energy, but it also uses battery power.

Which Battery Should I Use on my 750W E-Bike?

The battery is very important for an electric bike’s performance and efficiency. You should always match your 750W e-bike motor with the right voltage and Ah battery.

A battery with 750Wh is needed for a 750-watt motor to achieve a good speed and range. You can calculate the watt-hour of a battery by multiplying the volt (V) by the amp-hour (Ah).

Most e-bikes with a 750W e-bike motor use a 48-volt battery. You can check the motor or contact the brand for the voltage.

The voltage of the battery should be correct; otherwise, the motor will heat up because the battery cannot provide enough power.

After choosing the voltage of the battery for a 750W motor, choose the Ah. You can get the Ah by dividing 750Wh by 48V, which is 16Ah. A 48V 16Ah battery is ideal for a 750W e-bike motor. 

Keep in mind that there are many factors to consider when choosing a battery size for your electric bike.

Who Should Ride a 750W Electric Bike?

A 750W e-bike has a lot of power and speed on any terrain, but it also has some drawbacks. It is costly, heavy, and illegal in the UK & EU. But don’t worry! It is legal in the USA.

If you are new to biking, a 750-watt electric bike is not a good choice for you. You should start with a 250W or 350W e-bike to learn how to ride an electric bike properly.

If you are a skilled rider, a 750W e-bike is a great option for you as this bike can go faster on hills and flat roads. If you like hunting, you should get a higher-wattage electric bike because a 1500W e-bike can speed up faster on trails.

How Fast Does a 750W Electric Bike Go?

A 750W electric bike is a popular choice for people who want speed. These bikes have a lot of power and can go much faster than 250-watt or 500-watt e-bikes, which are common on the market. However, top speed is not a simple matter, and it depends on different factors.

Top Speed of 750W Electric Bike

A 750W electric bike’s top speed depends on various factors such as the bike’s weight, the load and the terrain. A 750W e-bike can usually go up to 28-32 mph on a flat surface when there is no wind resistance.

But the top speed can be much lower if you are riding on a slope or bumpy terrain. The load you are carrying can also make a difference. For example, if you have a lot of heavy items on your bike, you will go slower.

Remember, a 750W e-bike is not always safe at high speeds. You should always be careful of the conditions and your own abilities before reaching maximum speed.

How Fast Does a 750W Electric Bike Go Legally?

As you may already know, 750W e-bikes are legal in the USA and their speed is limited to 28 mph (45 km/h). This means the motor stops helping the bike go faster once it reaches 28 mph. 

The top speed of a 750W electric bike depends on many factors, such as the motor type, battery size, bike type, rider weight, etc. On flat roads, a 750W e-bike can go up to 28 mph using throttle mode. But you can go up to 35 mph or more by pedaling.

However, you should not try to tamper with the controller to make the bike go faster, because that is illegal and dangerous for you. Keep in mind that an electric bike with a 750-watt motor will have different top speeds on different terrains.

Top Speed of an E-Bike With a 750W Hub Motor

A hub motor e-bike has the motor on the front or rear wheel of the electric bike. Some hub motors are on the front wheel, but they are not very fast.

Electric bikes with 750-watt rear hub motors can go 20–28 mph on flat roads. This is the most popular motor because it is simple to install and maintain. It also costs less than the mid-drive motor.

Top Speed of an E-Bike With a 750W Mid-Drive Motor

The mid-drive motor is located at the center of the electric bike, along with the crankset. These mid-drive motors are known for their excellent performance and torque. They assist the front suspension and the pedal power to provide a smooth ride for the cyclist.

The speed of electric bikes with 750-watt mid-drive motors can typically go up to 32 mph. However, the legal limit is only 28 mph. The mid-drive motor e-bikes accelerate faster than the hub drive motor e-bikes

Top Speed of 750W Electric Mountain Bike 

Electric mountain bikes are the best choice for riding on rough and bumpy terrains. They have 750W motors that boost their speed and acceleration. This makes them ideal for hill climbing. 

Electric mountain bikes can go as fast as 15-20 mph on uneven ground. But their main strength is their quick acceleration due to their high torque and power.

How Far Can a 750 Watts Electric Bike Go?

A 750-watt electric bike can cover up to 60 miles on a single charge, but it depends on many factors. Such long ranges were not possible for such powerful bikes in the past, but this is due to innovation in the field.

In the old days, the more powerful a bike, the shorter its range. A more powerful motor consumes batteries faster, reducing ranges and cutting rides short.

The e-bike market is advancing rapidly and manufacturers have discovered new ways to maximize their batteries’ mileage (and all without compromising power). Brands like Engwe and Himiway achieve a balance between range and battery life, often with remarkable results.

Range of 750W Electric Bikes

A 750-watt electric bike’s range depends on many factors such as the battery size, load weight, terrain, and riding mode. Typically, a 750-watt electric bike can cover between 20-60 miles (30-100 km) with one charge.

The range of an e-bike can be shortened by factors such as climbing hills, going fast, and carrying heavy loads. It’s essential to think about your requirements and the kind of riding you will be doing when selecting an electric bike. You should also check the bike’s range before buying it.

Moreover, you can significantly increase the range of your e-bike by using pedal assist and reducing the duration at very high speeds. Range is a trade-off that e-bike cyclists have mastered into a fine art!

Can a 750W Electric Bike Climb a Hill?

Electric bikes are known for their ease of climbing hills, and 750W motors are among the best. A motor this size can make a difficult uphill ride effortless, giving riders more opportunities and freedom.

However, uphill riding uses more power from the motor and consumes battery energy quicker, reducing range. Other factors like the condition of the terrain also matter, but most regular riders should have no problem going uphill with a 750W motor.

750W Electric Bike Uphill

A 750W electric bike can easily climb hills, but its performance depends on the hill’s difficulty and the load’s weight. The 750-watt motor gives a lot of help when pedaling, making steep slopes less hard.

But, the battery life and range may be lower when climbing hills, especially if the load is heavy or the hill is very steep. To get the best out of the e-bike when climbing hills, it is important to use pedal assist and keep a steady speed.

Also, using the right gear for the terrain can make the e-bike better at climbing hills. Overall, a 750W e-bike is good for hills, but you should always think about the conditions before trying a very tough climb.

Is 750 Watts Enough for an Electric Bike?

The power of an e-bike is measured in watts, and 750 watts is a common choice for many electric bikes. How much power you need depends on what kind of riding you do, where you ride, and how fast you want to go.

If you are a casual rider who mostly rides on flat roads, 750 watts should be enough for you. You can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride without worrying about running out of battery. 

If you are a heavier rider or you often ride on hills, you might need more power to keep up your speed and overcome the resistance. A higher wattage motor can help you with that, but it will also consume more battery and cost more money.

So, the best wattage for an e-bike is not the same for everyone. It depends on your personal preferences and riding conditions. You should think about how you want to use your e-bike and what kind of terrain you have in your area before you choose an e-bike with the right power for you.

Pros and Cons of 750W Electric Bike


  • It has more power and torque, so it can go faster than e-bikes with 250W, 350W, or 500W motors.
  • If you want a speedy bike, this is a great option for you.
  • You can ride these bikes legally and safely in the US, as they follow the US e-bike law that allows up to 750 watts of power.
  • These bikes have high-traction tires and dual brakes for safety, and they are also easy to control.
  • These bikes can help you pedal better, climb hills and rough terrains easily, and perform well on roads too.
  • These bikes are eco-friendly, as they don’t use any fuel and don’t cause air pollution or global warming.


  • Beginners might find it hard to control these bikes, as they have high wattage power and faster speed.
  • These bikes use up battery power quickly, as they have a much higher wattage.
  • These bikes are more costly than e-bikes with 500-watt or lower-wattage motors.

Factors Affecting the Speed of a 750W Electric Bike

The speed of an electric bike depends on various factors that can make it faster or slower. Let’s examine them one by one.

Terrain Type

The terrain you ride on influences the speed and acceleration of an electric bike. Electric bikes can go faster on smooth and flat roads than on hilly or bumpy roads. The 750-watt electric bikes are ideal for hill climbing as they have excellent acceleration on hills.

Battery Capacity

The speed of an electric bike also depends on the voltage of the battery. A higher-voltage battery will give you a higher speed, but a lower-voltage battery will reduce the speed of an electric bike. So always choose the right battery size for your 750W e-bike.

Weight of Rider and Bike

The speed of an electric bike is also affected by the weight of the rider and the bike itself. A lighter bike and rider will have a higher speed, but a heavier bike and rider will slow down the bike.

Riding Style

Your riding style also influences your speed on an electric bike. If you brake often or ride against the wind, you will put more strain on the motor and lower your e-bike speed.

Legal Speed Limit

Knowing the rules of riding and the legal speed limit for your country is important before you get on your electric bike. In the United States, you cannot ride an e-bike faster than 28 mph.

Difference Between a 750W E-Bike and 1000W E-Bike

The power of the motor is the main factor that distinguishes a 750W and a 1000W electric bike. A 750W electric bike has a motor that delivers 750 watts of power, while a 1000 watts electric bike has a motor that delivers 1000 watts of power.

This implies that a 1000W electric bike can achieve higher speeds and ascend steeper hills. However, this also implies that a 1000W electric bike consumes more energy to run, which can lead to shorter battery life. 1000W electric bikes are also more costly and heavier than their 750W counterparts.

When selecting between a 750W e-bike and a 1000W e-bike, it is essential to take into account your riding needs and preferences. If you want an electric bike that can cope with more difficult terrain, then a 1000W electric bike may be the better choice.

However, if you want an electric bike that is more economical and has a longer battery life, then a 750W electric bike may be the way to go.

Comparison of 500W vs 750W vs 1000W E-Bike 

The power of the motor is what sets apart a 500W, a 750W, and a 1000W e-bike. A 750W e-bike motor can handle resistance better than a 500W e-bike motor.

For example, 500W electric bikes work well on flat surfaces. Their speed will decrease if you put on more weight or try to go up a steep slope. But 750W motors have more force. They can overcome almost any level of resistance.

You should only choose a 1000W e-bike motor if you are a rider who wants to do serious off-road riding. Many US states have laws that prohibit or limit 1000W e-bikes in public places. Only six states in the USA allow e-bikes with the highest power output of 1000W on public roads and trails. 

Consider buying a 750W e-bike motor if you want to ride horses. A 750W electric bike may be a better option for a cheaper and longer battery life.

Is it Legal to Ride a 750W Electric Bike in the USA?

E-bikes are legal to ride on the road in the US, but they have to follow some rules. The NCSL says that e-bikes can only go up to 20 mph when using the throttle and 28 mph when using the pedals.

Federal law says that e-bikes with 750 watts or less can ride in the US. However, some states may have different laws. So make sure you check your state’s regulations before riding a 750w e-bike.

Rules for Riding a 750 Watts Electric Bike

  • The age requirement for riding an e-bike in the US is 16 years old or more.
  • Depending on the state, you may or may not need a license for class 3 e-bikes with 750 watts in the US.
  • E-bikes that have a speed of 20 mph or less are legal and license-free in the US.
  • A helmet is mandatory for riding an e-bike or a regular bike in most states in the US.
  • Bike insurance is required for your e-bike on the roads in some states.


You have learned that a 750W electric bike can go as fast as 28 mph and has great acceleration for hill riding. However, your speed may vary depending on your weight, the slope, and other factors.

Before you buy a 750W electric bike, make sure you need it for hill riding. Otherwise, it may not be worth it, since the legal limit for both 500W and 750W electric bikes is 28 mph.

This blog post has given you a detailed answer to the question of how fast a 750W electric bike can go. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 750 watts enough for an electric bike? 

A 750-watt motor is sufficient for an e-bike, no matter what kind of terrain you ride on. You can ride a 750W electric bike legally and safely in the USA, though the speed may differ.

How fast is a 750W electric bike in mph? 

A 750W electric bike can reach up to 28 mph with an 85 Nm torque, which may vary across different brands. This is a great combination for an electric bike SUV.

Can I increase my 750W electric bike speed beyond the legal limit? 

A 750W electric bike has a top speed of 28 miles per hour, which is equivalent to 45 km/h. It is not advisable to go faster than this limit, as it would be illegal and risky for you. The bike parts may not be able to handle higher speeds.

How fast can a 48V 750W electric bike motor go? 

A 48V 750W electric bike motor can achieve a top speed of about 28-30 mph (45-48 km/h) under optimal conditions. However, you should be aware of the local laws and regulations that may restrict how fast electric bikes can go legally, so you don’t get into trouble.

What is the average top speed of a 750-watt electric bike? 

A 750-watt electric bike has an average top speed of around 20 mph, but this can change depending on factors such as tires, battery voltage, rider weight, and terrain conditions.

Are 750-watt electric bikes suitable for beginners? 

Yes, 750-watt electric bikes can be a good choice for beginners. They have a variety of maximum speeds, and riders can opt to ride at lower speeds until they get used to motorized bikes. Moreover, some electric bikes have multi-speed gear shifting functions that let riders limit the maximum speed.

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